‘The 100’ at TCA ’16: Women, Sexuality, and More

The 100 Television Critics Association (TCA) Panel was a incredible showcase of all the badass women on the show with Jason Rothenberg, the creator/executive producer, along for the ride. They discussed a range of topics that included women on TV, sexuality, taking risks, and those pesky Grounders.

The women on the panel were a reflection of the show: all strong and capable individuals who are proud of what they bring to the screen. Eliza Taylor, our heroine Clarke, remarked that, “This is the first opportunity to play a character with true integrity and strength.” Before this Eliza was type cast as the ditzy blonde with no prospects of doing more and truly shining as an actress. (We love you Eliza!) She is one of many on The 100 whose gender has no affect on what they are capable of doing or what position afforded to them. They are warriors, nurturers, friends, and heroes. In Rothenberg’s words, “We don’t write ‘women characters,’ we write ‘strong characters.”

Pictured: Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin)

The 100 continues to be an empowering show that doesn’t constrain itself with ideals about sexuality or love. It pushes the boundaries and makes us not even aware of the differences among them because they don’t matter. Alycia Debnam-Carey, who plays the fierce Grounder Lexa, was noted as saying, “It’s the fact that it’s not addressed that makes it so powerful. It’s not a thing.” Mari Avgeropoulos also remarked that, “Love is love. People don’t blink an eye at sexuality on our show.” It’s about survival and what you’ll do for the ones you consider family instead. (They’ve got their priorities right!)

For only having two seasons and a third premiering they’re not afraid to push boundaries and explore dark and often overlooked material. When questioned about showing the children that died in Mount Weather, Rothenberg remarked that we don’t forget the atrocities committed by Clarke. They’re fresh in our minds days, weeks, and even months later, so why hide them? Raven’s disability is also material not often explored. Her disability will remain a part of her. It will not impede her but push her forward. They continue to demonstrate to us that our actions have consequences that will forever shape the kind of people Clarke, Octavia, or even Raven turn out to be. It’s an ever evolving process. It’s life. (Which makes for crazy good TV!)

Pictured: Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes)

During the panel there was also a lot of talk about the future of the Grounders in Season 3. They’ll explore Grounder culture, politics, and their language Trigedasleng. They have made a new way of life based on the old world and this post apocalyptic existence. Time to explore and peel back the layers on what that means. A whole language has been created for this world and the cast agreed that their different accents are hilarious, fans check their pronunciations to make sure they’re in tip top shape, and that Adina Porter (Indra) is the “master” at Trigedasleng.

Most surprising of all is that Rothenberg knows how The 100 ends! He knows where he wants to take his dynamic, weathered, and brave Sky People and Grounders. (Kind of makes you want to build a time machine, travel to the future, and binge watch it all on some fancy future TV! Who’s up for it?!) The love and care he has put into each of the characters journeys shows how much he cares for them to stay on the path to that grand finale floating in his mind. If Season 1 & 2 have taught us anything, he’s going to take them, and us, on a wild ride that will require loads of wine and a box of tissues handy. Prepare yourselves!

The 100 returns Thursday, January 21 @ 9/8c on The CW.

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