‘Shadowhunters’ Series Finale Review: ‘Alliance’ and ‘All Good Things…’

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  1. Leslie Oldfield says:

    Sorry I’m late but my friend wanted to binge this show. My main issue is with the end is Clary has NOBODY! And her memory is gone. So not only is it doubtful she’d get another scholarship to that art school she was trying to get into season one. Where is her mother? Where is Dot? Luke? Simon? She not only looses what two years of memory(the time line is really confusing) but her house and everyone she loves is just gone. And Luke her “father” is OK to just leave her on her own. I mostly enjoyed this show not enough to binge it again, it was a decent way to waste a three day weekend. But the way they ended everything just seemed rushed and unthought out.

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