‘The 100 6×02 Review: “Red Sun Rising”

It’s time to face your demons on The 100 and between Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and literally every other character, there’s a lot of demons to go around.

This episode was completely insane, but it a good way. With the eclipse affecting the behavior of everyone on the moon, emotions ran high. Most of these emotions turned violent.

As Clarke read in the bedtime story, “Heaven is Hell and friends become foes.” It seems like this was the general theme of the episode and it was beyond thrilling to watch. If anything, it’s because it really showed just how talented the cast of The 100 is.

Clarke v. Murphy


In the season premiere, Murphy showed no mercy when it came to telling Clarke how he truly felt about her. It is no secret that Clarke has done somewhat unforgivable things in order to save the people she cares about. However, it is very interesting to see Murphy come at her for ethics when he has made some questionable decisions in the past as well.

Murphy started out as a villain. With borderline psychopathic tendencies, Murphy quickly showed his true colors when it came to how to deal with the crimes of young Charlotte in the first season. But nonetheless, he was eventually forgiven. Sure, he still makes not so-great decisions, but deep down he truly wants to be a good guy.

Fast forward to this episode, Murphy continues to come down on Clarke for the choices she has made over the years. For someone who has saved everyone’s life multiple times over, it’s hard for me to comprehend why anyone would have a problem with Clarke. Especially when that person is John Murphy.

Murphy does pose a few good points, I’ll admit, but if Bellamy (who she helped send to the pits) can forgive her, Murphy can calm down.

It breaks my heart that Clarke, after all this time, still thinks she is the reason everyone she loves dies. It’s because of Clarke that everyone is alive and that’s the truth.

There’s Nothing Holding Them Back


I love how after a minute of deciding to tie everyone up, almost everyone ends up unrestrained. Though, this episode wouldn’t be as nearly as entertaining if everyone was locked up.

Soon after the cuffs are put on, Murphy, Clarke and Bellamy are all free to roam around in this dangerous behavior-inducing eclipse. It’s not exactly clear if whether the eclipse brings out what the characters are honestly thinking, or if it just brings out erratic behavior.

Regardless, tensions are running high as Bellamy and Clarke go on the hunt for Murphy. On this quest, they first come across Emori and Echo chained up and a locked room. Both restrained and unable open the door, Bellamy’s only option is to talk his way in.

Of course, that doesn’t go too well when Bellamy spends the entire time being super aggressive towards everyone. He shows us the exact opposite thing you should do when you want to convince your girlfriend that you’re not insane.

I suppose I would care more about the dilemma Echo is facing, but for the life of me, I cannot stand the relationship between Echo and Bellamy. My theory behind the reason most people aren’t a fan of Echo and Bellamy is not that they’re Bellarke shippers deep down, but because this whole relationship seems forced.

Echo literally tried to kill Bellamy’s sister. And while they could’ve hashed this out over the course of being trapped in space for years, but we’ll never know. The writers didn’t do a great job of really fleshing out this relationship and because of that, they have turned out to be one of the most annoying dynamics on the show.

But I can’t see them breaking up anytime soon either, so we’re kind of just stuck with them.

Enemies Aboard


One of the most interesting pairings was introduced this episode, and I am so here for it.

At the end of the last episode, we saw their transport being hijacked and heading straight for the Mothership. Almost as soon as they arrive, they take out Octavia, Abby, Niylah, and a bunch of others aboard the ship.

Fortunately, Raven avoided the siege and found her way to the sleeping pods. It’s there she decides to awake Diyoza. Considering the events that happened last season, I imagine Raven is not Diyoza’s number one fan. Another classic case of Raven putting everyone else above herself.

Diyoza has always been a fascinating character, ever since her introduction last season. She also happens to be on the complete opposite moral standings as Raven. Both their brains combined, however, proves to be an unbeatable force against the hostiles that have taken over. It’s an unexpected team up, but I find myself wanting more of it as the season progresses.

As if we didn’t think Diyoza and Raven were the main badasses this episode, bring on Madi. Appearing out of nowhere, Madi comes in to save the day and prevent the hostiles from taking over the Mothership and probably killing everyone on board.

Madi is The Commander and she sure acts like it.

How The Mighty Have Fallen


In the middle of this hostile takeover, we are treated to a nice subplot concerning Octavia.

It’s hard for me to write anything nice about Octavia these days. Her calling Monty a coward just added another nail to her coffin in my book. But to matter whether you love or hate her, you cannot deny that Octavia is completely broken at the moment.

Apart from the very few souls she saved in the bunker that still remain somewhat loyal, she has no one. All the people she used to be close to have abandoned her. It’s tragic.

We are only a couple episodes into the new season, but I am beyond curious to see how the writers will play out her redemption storyline – if there even is one. Finding redemption after committing unspeakable acts is what The 100 does best, and it would be a shame if they didn’t figure out a way to do the same for Octavia.

I truly want to start to love Octavia again. Will the writers actually allow me to do so is another story.

Welcome To Sanctum


Let’s be real, Clarke beat Anya (a grounder soldier) in a fight. You’re telling me she can’t hold her own against Bellamy? Yeah, no.

Still, the showdown between Bellamy, Clarke, and Murphy was great. Three characters that have been on the ground since day one and have not always gotten along. So, when they finally come to blows, it was actually kind of fun to watch.

Of course, no one else (aside from us viewers) sees the trio fight to the near death. When the rest of the crew arrives on the ground, they stumble upon their unconscious bodies right when an entire group of children ascends from nearby steps.

What exactly this civilization is remains a mystery. Next week’s episode appears to answer some of those questions. Hopefully, we’ll finally get to see JR Bourne’s Russell pop up as the leader of Sanctum.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Let us know in the comments below!

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


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