‘The 100’’ 6×09 Review: “What You Take With You”

Hard to believe we only have a few more episodes left of this season of The 100.

This week’s episode dealt with answering the age-old question: how far are you willing to go to save yourself and the ones you love?

Octavia is trying to save herself from her past demons, Bellamy is fighting against the clock to save Clarke, and Abby is just trying to save the man she loves while he tries to save her humanity.

Making me want to jump for joy one minute and curl up into a ball next, this episode took us on a journey that, sadly, not everyone survived.

What Do You Want?

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For those of you awaiting Octavia’s redemption arc, looks like you aren’t the only one who wanted it. I’d even say Octavia wants it the most.

After returning from her experience with the anomaly unscathed, Gabriel is on a mission to figure out what exactly happened. That can only be attained by giving Octavia a toxin designed to not only help her remember but it also lets her know what her purpose is. Gabriel only knows this because he did this years ago with Russell. Only while Russell was told to make more Primes, Gabriel was told his purpose is to put a stop to the creation of gods.

Once the toxin was in effect, Octavia was taken back to one of the darkest times in her life —  her reign as Blodreina in the pit. But it is not so much the location that necessarily enlightens her but rather the two people she encounters there. One being Blodreina herself and the other being former Chancellor Pike.

Pike…Now there is someone I never wanted nor thought I would see again. Still, his return not only made Octavia relive the worst moment in her life (punch me in the Linctavia feels why don’t you) but made her question what exactly she wants.

Octavia has made a lot of bad decisions and Pike isn’t the first person to tell her this. Octavia knows exactly what she has done and the hurt she has caused to the ones she loves. But forgiveness isn’t enough just as Pike says.

It’s redemption – the proof that we are better than our are past actions – that is the key to moving on. This idea has been proven time and time again on this show. If Clarke and Bellamy can redeem themselves, why not Octavia?

A Gift

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There is one person on this show that doesn’t need redemption and that is Marcus Kane.

Kane has more or less been the moral compass of the show. In fact, he is probably the only person other than Raven who hasn’t lost their humanity. So, when he wakes up in a body that is not his, only to find out that the body he inhabited was essentially murdered, you can best believe Kane is about to stir up some trouble.

On a complete side note – while I totally understand that that man is Marcus Kane, it was a big adjustment for me to really see him as Kane himself. It only took me maybe half the episode to really get used to it and by then it was too late because, as I said, some trouble ensued.

See, while Abby could ignore the new body (and the murder that was involved to get it) because the man she loved was still there, Kane could not. The second he found out that the Primes were lying to everyone, he knew he had to put a stop to it before it got even worse.

After bringing Raven and the newly awoken Indra to the fold, Kane devises a plan to end any more nightblood creation. Seizing the ship, Indra and Raven are able to get their hands on the nightblood solution Abby created. The problem is, the only way to get rid of it is to shoot it out into space.

In another full-circle moment on this show, Abby and Kane must say goodbye in the airlock – the exact same situation Abby had with her late husband, Jake. It was truly a heart-wrenching scene because not only did Abby have to say goodbye to Kane, but the audience did too. A character death that will undoubtedly leave a big hole in my The 100 heart.

On top of that, it adds another layer to the already tragic-filled life of Abby. It is hard to imagine now more than ever how she could ever find peace. She has betrayed so many people all with the hope that she will at least have Marcus in the end. Where does she go from here now that he is gone?

I Won’t Let You Die

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Meanwhile, Bellamy continues his quest to do whatever it takes to save Clarke. Even if that means going straight to the enemy.

With Clarke in tow, Bellamy is trying to find Gabriel with the hope that he will help him save Clarke and get Josephine out of her head. It doesn’t take him too long as he quickly gets captured by the Children of Gabriel. If only they were as open to his plan as he wished.

One of the highlights of the episode was the dynamic between Josephine and Bellamy. It appears Josephine is just as confused as the rest of us about the complex nature of Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship. The lengths Bellamy is willing to go to save Clarke – which include putting everyone else he loves in danger – can seem odd to people who don’t know just how important they are to each other.

Josephine can joke all she wants about their bond, but no matter what, it is an unbreakable bond rooted in love and respect. I have to admit, up until this season I never really gave romantic Bellarke much of a thought. But lately, I find myself slowly inching my way towards wanting these two to finally admit they love each other.

Maybe it’s because of the way Bellamy’s face completely lit up the moment he realized Clarke was back. Or perhaps it is the way he reacted when he found out that Clarke can hear him. Or that he told her he wouldn’t let her die and that Clarke didn’t want to leave him. Whatever it may be, I do know that Bellarke has just been a real treat this season, no matter which way you look at it.

Anyways, wow have I missed Clarke. Probably just as much as Bellamy so it’s no wonder we were both beyond thrilled when Clarke unexpectedly showed up as her usually self – kicking ass.

But it is not all sunshine when it comes to Clarke because while she may be back, for the time being, her time is running out. Both Josephine and Clarke are battling for the mindspace and the longer they fight, the closer they both come to losing.

The battle for Clarke’s body looks to be coming to a head next week. Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below!

The 100 airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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