‘Krypton’ 2×05: Hints to Hype You Up

Last week’s Krypton ended on one massive cliff hanger. This week’s episode is no different.  In fact, this week’s cliff hanger is even bigger. If you’ve been catching up on your DVR all season, this is the episode to watch live. Those final moments of tonight’s episode will have people talking and you don’t want to get spoiled!

We’ll finally find out exactly what happened to Lyta

We knew reconditioning was involved because Seg saw the footage last episode. However, this week Zod gives a bit more insight into what he had to do in order for Lyta to fully support his cause.

Never trust a Vex

Nyssa Vex sometimes feels like an enigma wrapped in a riddle. I never really know what side she’s on but I do know that no one should trust her to stay on their side. The only side Nyssa cares about is the side that reunites her with her son.

Are people born evil or is evil something that is thrust upon us?

I love how complicated these characters are. Sometimes a villain can be heroic and sometimes a hero can give in to their dark side. You never really know. This episode shows a baddie helping Seg and an ally going full on villain. Or did they?

A Major Character Officially Returns – Sort of

This is an interesting way to keep this character involved the rest of the season. If anything, I’d say this is a much more fun way to keep them around. I’m enjoying this version way more. Fans of the comics will probably understand more about what may or may not be happening with this character based on what we see in this episode. Here’s a hint: the number 5 might be super important going forward.

Cameron Cuffe is a treasure

It’s so completely obvious that he had a blast making this season. There’s one scene in tonight’s episode with so much comedic relief that I couldn’t stop cheering or laughing. It was definitely my favorite moment in the entire hour. It also might confirm my hint above.

A Prophecy fulfilled

We’ll flash back to a vision Seg saw in the Phantom Zone but it won’t play out like we saw in the premiere. It just goes to show that not everything in the Phantom Zone is what it seems.

Dev and Jayna continue to be the best duo

All their scenes this season have been brilliant. I love their dynamic. They share a scene tonight that highlights what true loyalty is.

Game Changing Ending

Something really, really huge happens in the final seconds of tonight’s episode. Fans will be left screaming at their TV sets and then they’ll have to wait an entire week to get confirmation if that really did just happen. That’s why you’ll want to watch live! You’re not going to want to be spoiled on Twitter.

Krypton airs tonight at 10PM on Syfy!


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