‘Krypton’ 2×08 Hints to Hype You Up


That’s it. That’s the hint. Just me screaming into the void because I can’t spoil a dang thing. No, I’m kidding. I will try to be as vague as possible. I promise.

The episode’s title is a tiny spoiler

I won’t give it here in case some of you have not yet looked it up. But if you know anything about [redacted] then you already know what this episode will be about. Well, mostly. You’re still in for one hell of a surprise.

A shocking revelation happens early on

The show’s best kept secret is revealed very early on in the episode. In fact, I still don’t know how Cameron Cuffe didn’t let this one slip at Comic Con. I feel like I would have. I’m experiencing extreme difficulty in staying quiet right now. I actually think I’m going to ignore my best friends who watch this show until after they’ve watched the episode. I don’t think I can trust myself with this one.

Team Delta Force is AWESOME

This foursome is a total fan fave at this point. I love watching them team up. Their dynamic is so good. And I really love that there’s one scene that actually references how there was once a time when these four weren’t actually friends. That feels like a lifetime ago to be honest.

My Favorite Dynamic Duo is still kicking ass

I’ve been rooting for this pair since they first reunited earlier this season. I just love them together. Everything about their bond is beautiful. They’re just so in sync with each other.

We finally get the reunions we deserve

There’s a couple of really big reunions in this one. Both of them made me cry. That’s all I will say about THAT.

Krypton airs tonight at 10PM on Syfy!


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