‘Krypton’ 2×06: Hints to Hype You Up

Last week’s death has had everyone talking for the last few days. Critics have been praising the Krypton’s bold move to kill off one of it’s leads early on in the series. I did say that the death of Lyta Zod would change the course of the show forever. And it already has. More people are paying attention to this prequel and it’s about time!

Here’s this week’s hints to hype you up for tonight’s episode!

We pick up right where we left off

The cold open of this episode is probably one of the best cold opens the show has ever had. I loved their use of sound in this scene. Or lack thereof. The best sound editing we’ve ever heard on this show happened in this episode. It was deafening but necessary. The trauma of watching Lyta Zod be executed is something that is going to stick with people who witnessed it. That includes the people who loved her most.

A leap of faith

Someone has to take a plunge this episode in the most literal trust test ever. Fans of a popular pair on this show are going to love this episode because it might be the episode that solidifies that they are meant to be together.

Someone makes an unexpected decision

There’s a lot of duality in this show. Even the most moral person can do something pretty darn evil. But was their decision justified all things considered? This is war after all.

All eyes on Cameron!

He’s always been good but in this episode, he’s extra good. Especially during the episode’s opening scene. He’s earned the critical acclaim and recognition he’s been getting this season.

Another cliff hanger

Although nothing can top the cliff hanger that was Lyta’s execution in the last episode, this week’s ending is as good as we’ve seen in previous episodes this season. We’re officially in the back half of Season two. All bets are off so brace yourself!

Krypton airs tonight at 10P/9c on Syfy.

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