‘Krypton’ 2×07 Hints to Hype You Up

Shit just got real in the back of Krypton’s second season. Check out my hints for this week’s mind blowing episode below. Or turn away if you want to go in fully blind. The choice is yours!


A large portion of this week’s plot deals with the origins of a major character. Get ready to feel sympathetic. I don’t think any of us were ready to feel this way about this particular character but here we are. I won’t post who the character is, however, if you’ve watched the promo for this week’s episode, you already know.

The House of El has a dark history on Krypton

Since Superman first made his superhero debut in 1938, we’ve always associated the name of House El with heroes. We’ve been told time and again that their House insignia means “hope”. This week’s episode proves that wasn’t always the case. It’s weird to see that a different type of House El existed but this insight to the past will surely make fans appreciate the characters we do know and love that much more. And pay close attention to these flashbacks. Another famous city will be name dropped.

This ship sails itself

This wasn’t surprising at all but when this ship finally sets sail, fans are going to be really happy about it. Get ready to ship the shit out of them, Kryptonians! They’ve never been more rootable as a pairing than they are right now.

Unexpected leaders are rising up in the Resistance

One particular fan favorite proves their worth in the Resistance and it’s really fun to watch. They were actually born to play this role.

What’s in a name?

A major Easter Egg gets name dropped and a popular fan theory becomes canon. This is the moment we’re all going to be talking about from now until next week. Brace yourselves!

Krypton airs tonight at 10PM on Syfy.

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