‘Krypton’ 2×05 Review: “A Better Yesterday”

Be honest, who actually saw that coming? I know that I didn’t. This week’s episode of Krypton probably left you feeling a little breathless and I don’t blame you. A lot happened last night, but it was one major plot twist that actually set the entire show on a completely different course. Let’s dive in and unpack and everything we just saw!

Father vs Son

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This was a fight that we’ve been waiting for since Seg was banished to the Phantom Zone last season. We knew that once he returned to Kandor, he’d have to fight Zod. It was a bit short lived for now, but it’s pretty obvious that this won’t be the only time the two will go toe to toe.

Right now, the show is still telling us that Zod is Lyta and Seg’s son. I’m not sure that I believe that anymore. If it happens to be true, however, it does give a whole new backstory to animosity Zod had toward Jor-El before Krypton exploded. But since this show is now on it’s own timeline after last season, anything is possible and the future that continues to be at stake in all this is Superman’s.

Jayna + Dev = Heroes

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Jayna and Dev weren’t exactly fan favorites last season. Jayna was a tough mom and Dev just seemed like an obstacle for the forbidden romance between Seg and Lyta. This season, the pair have undoubtedly gained favor with audiences, especially after this episode.

The two of them are willing to risk everything, including their lives, to stop Zod. And the fact that they have each other’s backs as they walk straight into the lion’s den is so heartwarming to me. One of my favorite moments of the episode was when Dev told Jayna that the only thing he’d ever believed in was her. The loyalty he has to her is incredible. They really are heroes. Watching them all season has been really great. I can’t wait to see their interaction with each other after this episode, especially after what they just witnessed.

Is Brainiac 5 Coming to Krypton?

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The premiere of this season featured Seg stuck in the Phantom Zone with Brainiac. When the two of them got out, we learned that the villain was inhabiting Seg’s body. By the end of the second episode, he was able to get rid of the AI and head home. Now, we’re finding out that there is in fact a small bit of Brainiac still left inside Seg. And this piece of what used to be a villainous AI is now actively helping the young hero.

One of the best scenes of the episode was when Brainiac guided Seg through Zod’s fortress and helped him defeat all of the Sagitari. There was something really calculated about all those moves. And this almost seems like a completely different version of the villain. Is it possible that the writers are trying to incorporate their own incarnation of a fan favorite character from the comics? It wouldn’t be the first time we see Brainiac 5 in live action. We saw Smallville’s version of the character years ago. And we are currently watching him help Superman’s cousin on The CW’s Supergirl. However, this incarnation of Brainiac seems like a complete departure from both those versions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Right now, I’m just excited to find out more about this Brainiac’s motives for helping Seg.

The War on Wegthor

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While all this is happening on Kandor, there is still a war going on Wegthor. Despite having confirmation that Lyta is completely under Zod’s control via reconditioning, the young Primus seems more ruthless than ever. She wants to make a deal with Val and Jax but let’s be real, the deal is complete crap.

In this episode, we learn that all Zod did was take away her guilt for shooting Jayna and losing Seg. Translation: he took away her empathy, which is why she seems so damn ruthless this season.

Either way, this war isn’t getting any better. In fact, it’s probably getting worse.

Nyssa is now a traitor on both sides after unwillingly helping Zod kill half the rebellion and then helping Adam and Kem escape. And Jax did something that might have changed the outcome of the war forever. This leads us into that big cliff hanger.

RIP Lyta Zod

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My heart actually stopped watching this entire scene. At first, I thought for sure Jax would not go through with it. I didn’t think she’d go so far. Everything she’s done up to this point has been for the good of her people but this one act was definitely done for revenge. Zod killed half her people so she went ahead and killed his mother. She literally executed Lyta Zod in front of the entire city of Kandor. Everyone was watching, including Seg and Jayna.

This is going to change things for a lot of characters going forward. I can’t imagine Jayna or Seg wanting to join Val’s rebellion if Jax is still there. I’m pretty sure that Zod will have no issues with blowing up all of Wegthor now that his mother is dead. And I can’t imagine the rest of the rebellion that actually has a conscience being okay with what just happened. I know Adam and Kem won’t be able to forgive Jax’s actions. Where does this leave Jax? Has she completely flipped and will she continue going down this dark path?


  • Seg and Brainiac working together was surprisingly fun to watch. I’m enjoying the shit out of their dynamic after this episode. I love how badass Seg looked with that blaster.
  • Kem and Adam are still hilarious. Kem’s entire monologue about treason slayed me. I love their friendship.
  • I loved Nyssa last season but her complexity is making her one of my favorite characters this season.
  • The entire conversation Dev and Jayna had in the skimmer on the way to Kandor was beautifully written and so well acted. It was such an emotional beat that the show really needs more of. I had forgotten that Jax is the reason Dev’s entire family is dead. The way he talked about it was so heartbreaking. But it was also a bit of foreshadowing considering what Jax was going to do in the final moments of the episode.
  • Zod said he no longer needed Seg. Why? Is it because they don’t need to actually have sex to reproduce on Krypton or is it because Seg is not actually his father?
  • Lyta’s execution was brutal. I was definitely left screaming at my television and I know I’m not the only one.

Things are getting even crazier as the rest of this season continues to unfold and we’re only half way through. Just imagine what else we have in store. Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10PM on Syfy. Check out the trailer for the rest of the season below! It’s going to be a wild back half!

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