‘Batwoman’: 5 Questions We Want Answered at SDCC 2019

With Batwoman and San Diego Comic Con here we have plenty of questions about Kate Kane, Batman, and that epic looking OTP teased in the trailer!

1. Can Ruby Rose really pull this off?

Not going to lie, I have my doubts about Ruby Rose. Her acting hasn’t been…the best. But I mean, I gave Heath Ledger a chance and he blew me away. Maybe Ruby will do the same thing with Batwoman!


2. Will Alice be a badass villain?

It’s kind of trippy that the villain played Black Canary before, but maybe that’ll give the actress an insight to what ticks heroes off the most and implement it in her portrayal of Alice. Either way, we’re excited to see her and her twisted and mad companions.


3. Where the heck is Bruce Wayne?

It’s the convenient solution to get Batwoman to Gotham but…where the heck is Bruce Wayne? Will he come back during Batwoman’s run? Is he taking a vacation from the life of crime fighting because his knees hurt? So many questions, so little time!



I’m hoping with all my little queer heart that the love story between Kate and Sophie is the OTP to end all OTP’s! Why? Because the gay community deserves all the drama, all the cheese, and all the queer superhero story out hearts desire!


5. How badass will Batwoman be?

From what we’re seeing there’s going to be a lot of kicking ass and taking names. That’s badass, without a doubt, but how often will we see these fights? How badass is Kate as a person? What kind of presence does she command? All valid questions!


Batwoman premieres Fall 2019.

What are you looking forward to when it comes to Batwoman? Let us know in the comments below!


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