8 Life Lessons We Learned From The ‘Me Before You’ Trailer

We’ve established many times over that Me Before You will be the emotional death of us. When we watch the trailer – tears swell in our eyes and we don’t know what to say. We just want to feel that kind of love – that deep and abiding love that makes us feel hole and makes us know that this is a life worth living.

As we dry our tears and prepare ourselves for the emotional impact that this movie will have on us – we’re looking at the life lessons that this trailer has taught us.

Sometimes the journey is hard, but getting there is rewarding.

There are so many things in life that can go wrong. We think that we know what we want, we spend a long time searching for our purpose, we try to find someone to make sense of why we are on this earth. But the truth is – we’re going to mess up a lot. We’re going to have a hard time finding the perfect job, the perfect life, the perfect love. But if we take each moment as it comes – if we LIVE – the journey of getting to where we need to be will be rewarding.

A positive attitude is always key.

Shit happens. There are so many things in life that can make us happy and make us sad. But the truth is – we have the opportunity to do amazing things with our lives. Everything is about perspective and if you have a positive attitude, things are bound to get better. Don’t let life get you down. Let life build you up – embrace it for all it’s good and bad. You won’t regret it.

The way you look at people affects them.

We all want to be wanted – to be needed. We all want someone to just look at us as if we are the only people in the room. As if we’re the only thing that matters. I get it – I suffer from bitchy resting face so all too often – I look at people like they shit in my Cheerios. But the truth is, if we let people see the way we smile, the way things affect us, the way that they touch our hearts… we give them a new hope. And that is priceless.

You only get one life, it’s your duty to live it.

All too many times, we are just existing through life. We spend so much time being something that society tells us that we should be. Be responsible. Be kind. Work hard. But we forget that somewhere in there we are supposed to be living. We are supposed to be experiencing everything that life has to offer us. So don’t just exist – LIVE. Give life your best try. Fall in love, dance in the rain – whatever it takes.

Fashionable shoes are a statement

We’re all about comfortable shoes and our fashionable shoes are Birkenstocks and Converse – but we can appreciate a good heel. Don’t care what people think about you – just let what you love be enough. If you want to wear crazy shoes, cause they define you – wear them. Because who you are is important.

Love can hurt, but it’s worth the pain.

If you’ve ever been in love and even if you haven’t – I can tell you that it’s not the easiest thing to experience. There are times where it’s painful, times where it tears you apart, times where you wish that it was the one thing you never had to live through again. But – I can tell you this. Every time you fall in love, every time you experience emotion – you learn something. It not only affects you, but it affects the people that you love. And what you learn – what you experience – well, that my friends is priceless.

Every woman should own a good red dress.

We all know that a black dress is a key wardrobe staple, but sometimes you need the bright dress that makes you stand out. So as much as the world will tell you that you should blend in – STAND OUT.

You can’t change who people are, but you can love them through the good and the bad.

Sometimes love is hard. Sometimes it’s a pain in the ass that makes us want to bang our head into a wall and give up. The truth is though – as much as we want to change the people in our lives, as much as we want to show them the way – it’s not that simple. I truly believe that people change people – but you can’t change who people are if they don’t want to change. We all may not understand the reasons that people do what they do and 9/10 they will frustrate us. However, we can always give them one gift. We can love them through the good and the bad. Because ultimately – loving people is worth it.

Live boldly.

You have one life, live it.

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