The ‘One Tree Hill’ Set Was Divided and We’ve Got Questions

I have long been obsessed with One Tree Hill. That show defined a part of my life and it is a show that changed young adult television. I think that along the lines of Friends, the cast of One Tree Hill will always be remembered for their roles on the show.

It doesn’t matter if it was the beginning of the series or the end of the series. Anyone who starred in that show is equally as important to me.

Jana Kramer recently recorded an episode of her podcast, The Whine Down, and had a One Tree Hill alum on as a guest. Bethany Joy Lenz was on the cast and of course, we had to listen. Any and all One Tree Hill gossip, memories, conversation is essential to life.

The two talked about the set and there was some tension on set. Now, hey – they know how to keep names out of it, but we are intrigued.

“It was hard for us because I felt like when we came on the show, just being so honest, it was a very divided set,” Jana said.


After that Bethany said “I feel like everyone already kinda had their places and it was either, ‘You’re going to be on the A-team or the B-team?’ It was just tricky.”

I can’t even imagine what it was like, because after all the claims against Mark Schwann came out, all I can think is that the set wasn’t as happy as the fandom thought it was.

But that being said, so thankful that the cast gave us so many wonderful memories and amazing performances, no matter what was going on with their life. The appreciation for them is deep and real.

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