‘Pitch’: The ABCs of Bawson

It’s a tough time to be a Pitch fan. Despite a stellar first season, the baseball drama has yet to be renewed by FOX, and with every passing day the chances that we will get to see Ginny Baker back on our screens next fall grow slimmer. The campaigns to get the show a second season have been numerous, and we at Fangirlish have been doing our best to help.

That’s part of the reason why today, we’re shining the spotlight on one of the best things to come out of Pitch season 1: the budding romance between Ginny Baker and Mike Lawson, lovingly nicknamed “Bawson.”

I’ll admit that I, personally, have never been the biggest Bawson shipper. However, I can certainly understand what other people see in this ship, and so I hope that this list of the ABCs of Bawson does justice to this wonderful couple.

A is for Awkward

Most couples have their fair share of awkward moments, and Bawson is no exception. They are, after all, in a pretty awkward situations, as teammates on a baseball team. But that just makes them even cuter and more relatable!


B is for Banter

These two are always bantering. Whether it’s sarcastic remarks, trash talk or backhanded compliments, they’ve always got something snarky to say to each other.


C is for Chemistry

What kind of couple would they be if they didn’t have chemistry? Kylie Bunbury and Mark-Paul Gosselaar bounce off each other seamlessly, and the looks they share in every episode are enough to make anyone at least understand why the ship has such an appeal.


D is for Dress

Perhaps one of the most telling moments in their relationship was when Ginny wore THAT dress, and Mike couldn’t take his eyes off her all night. That’s when we all knew there was something more between them.


E is for Eyelashes

Because Mike has beautiful eyelashes and we must recognize that.


F is for Fame

Both of these people have to deal with the good and the bad of being extremely famous. They are constantly in the spotlight, and if they start dating, their relationship will be very public.


G is for Gorgeous

Ginny looks like a supermodel, and Mike is a total heartthrob. Together, they are one extremely good looking couple.


H is for Head Nod

It’s kind of their thing. The little nod during games, in the locker room, any time they see each other in passing. The nod says that they see each other, that they’ve acknowledged each other’s presence, and that they’ve got each other’s backs. No need for words.


I is for Idol

Both Mike and Ginny are heroes – to each other, and to their fans. Kids like Ginny have grown up idolizing Mike Lawson, one of the best catchers in the game. And plenty of little girls are now looking up to Ginny, the first female pitcher. They’re not always comfortable being idols, but they have to learn to accept it. It’s a part of their lives.


J is for Jealousy

Jealousy is never a good thing to have in any relationship, but in a case like Bawson’s, it’s kind of inevitable. They can’t be together, and so they have to watch each other fall for other people. We saw this in Ginny’s jealousy toward Mike’s ex-wife, and Mike’s jealousy toward Ginny’s new boyfriend.


K is for Katy Perry

Ginny hums Katy Perry songs while she stretches, and Mike knows it. The scene in which Mike exposed her was one of the best in the series.


L is for Laughing

They’re both very serious people, but they can always make each other laugh. And really, what screams OTP more than staying up late at night, laughing over the phone?


M is for Mike’s Beard

One of the most important elements of this relationship. Like any good athlete beard, it has kind of taken on a personality of its own.


N is for Not Getting Traded

This plot twist was both the best and the worst thing to happen to Bawson. On the one hand, it meant that Mike was sticking around on the Padres and that he and Ginny would be able to continue hanging out every day. On the other hand, it meant that he and Ginny were still teammates, which means Absolutely No Dating.


O is for Over-the-top speeches

If there’s one thing Mike Lawson is good at, it’s over-the-top, inspirational speeches. He delivered a fair number of them in Pitch’s first season, and Ginny was present for most of them. What can I say? He’s a dramatic guy.


P is for Photoshoot

Because that nude photoshoot the team did was my favourite thing ever, and the Bawson moments that came out of it were amazing. When your teammates organize a nude photoshoot in solidarity with you after your own pictures get leaked, you know they’ve got your back forever.


Q is for Qualms

Ginny and Mike have every reason to be nervous about this relationship. It is a very, very bad idea for the both of them. As the first female pitch, Ginny is under a microscope, and if she causes drama in the locker room by dating one of the players, she is in huge trouble.  Besides, dating a teammate in general is a slippery slope. It sucks, but it’s the truth.


R is for Respect

Ultimately, these two work because they have lots of respect for each other. It took a few episodes, but it’s been incredible to watch.


S is for Slow Burn

These two aren’t jumping into each other’s arms just yet. Even if Pitch does get a second season, there’s no guarantee it’ll happen then. The writers are playing the long game and, assuming the show doesn’t get cancelled this summer, I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.


T is for Teammates

Because, above all, these two are teammates. They’ve got each other’s backs, always. They spend most of their time training together. They’re working toward a common goal. That’s why they’ve gotten so close over the course of ten episodes, and it’s why they haven’t taken the next step toward romance just yet.


U is for Understanding

Ginny and Mike get each other, maybe more than any other two players on the Padres. They always know what to say to each other, whether it’s for the purpose of inspiring the other person, or getting under their skin.


V is for Veteran

Mike is a sort of role model for Ginny. He’s been on the team for a very long time, and he knows what he’s doing. For that reason, he’s able to show her the ropes, and maybe help her deal with the pressures of being a professional athlete.


W is for Workouts

Some of the best Bawson scenes have come in the gym. These are two highly competitive athletes, who don’t like to be shown up by their peers.


X is for Xs and Os (or lack thereof)

All we want is for Ginny and Mike to be happy together, and share lots of hugs and kisses like normal couples. But no, they have to torture us. At least all the hugs and (almost) kisses are well worth the wait.

(Also, it’s really hard to find X words. I’m straight-up stealing Alyssa’s here. If you find any good ones for Bawson, please share them in the comments.)


Y is for Yearn

They can’t be together, and yet you can tell they want to. The sexual tension between these two characters is off the charts, especially toward the end of the season.


Z is for Zero Quit

These are two of the most driven, perserverant people on television. Their main priority is and always will be their team, and that’s a big part of why they haven’t dared try dating.


Pitch is currently off the air with no guarantee of renewal. This is a travesty. #RenewPitch


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