‘Riverdale’: The ABC’s of Bughead

Betty and Jughead, better known as Bughead on The CW’s Riverdale, are a couple like no other. At first glance it seems like this ship is full of tropes. The boy from the bad side of town falls of with the good girl and the parents disapprove. But once you look closer you are able to see how tender, real, and unique this ship is. It’s built on acceptance, trust, and the sharing of a witty banter that brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Bughead. The only downside is that there aren’t more letters in the alphabet – because we have so much more left to say!

A is for Adorable

There is something inherently adorable about this ship. It’s in the small moments where he looks at her like she’s the sun or when they help each other out during a particular tough moment. Could also be the way that he came to her window Romeo and Juliet style. They are sweet on each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

B is for Basking

Remember that thing I just said about Jughead looking at Betty like she’s the sun. The same thing goes for her. They look at each other like they cannot believe that the other choose them. They look at each other like they want to spend every single moment basking in each other’s presence.

C is for Communication

Bughead is still a relatively new ship. But what sets them up for a better future than other fledgling ships is that they actually talk to each other. Sure they are small moments where they keep things from each other. They’re only human. But most of the time they are in this together, especially the mystery surrounding her sister and the death of Jason Blossom. And that is what helped bring them together.

D is for Delicate

Touch is a very important part of relationships. And the way that Jughead touches her is delicate, like he’s afraid that she’s going to disappear or shatter under his hands. He knows how special she is and he handles her with care and love like he’s never done before.

'Riverdale': ABC's of Bughead

E is for Easygoing

Betty loves having things in control or in a specific order. Jughead kind of seems to be the opposite. He’s very easy-going and dedicated to the people in his life. He brings an ease and and a comb to her life that helps her weather the storm inside her mind that we haven’t yet to explore.

F is for Faithful

Sometimes life pulls Betty and Jughead in opposite directions. On one side you have Betty’s family and their rigid nature. And on the other you have Jugheads lack of faith in himself and a different upbringing. Nevertheless Betty hasn’t given up on him. She doesn’t care that they’re different and she looks forward to proving Jughead’s fears wrong by staying by his side no matter what.

G is for Genius

You better watch out when these two are on the hunt for the truth. They’re wildly intelligent and anyone in Riverdale should fear the power that these two combined have. The highlight of season one was seeing them trying to track down Jason Blossom’s killer out on the field or in the office of the Blue and Gold of Riverdale High.

H is for Hard-Working

Betty and Jughead don’t think that the answers will just come to them magically. They know that the only way they’re going to solve the mysteries in their town is by working hard and together. There are no easy ways for these two.

I is for Independent

As much as they work together, they are still individual people. They haven’t become glued at the hip with their opinions becoming one force. No, they are independent people who just happen to care for each other. And this independence allows them to sometimes point out what the other hasn’t thought about. It makes for a stronger and more well-rounded relationship.

J is for Joking

There’s a teasing and joking nature between Betty and Jughead that puts us at ease and makes us want to see more. And since they have an amazing natural chemistry every little joke or tease becomes amplified and becomes memorable. Like the moment when he came to her window and called her Juliet. Not everyone could pull that off.

K is for Kissing

Every single kiss between them is more memorable than the last. And don’t act like you don’t have every single gif of them kissing saved on your phone or on a Tumblr blog dedicated to Bughead. Each one is so different from the other and there’s nothing wrong with replaying them over and over. Some are sweet and gentle while others are hot and intense, all unforgettable in their own way.

L is for Love

The bond that they have between each other is young and growing day by day. And what makes it so strong is that it’s grounded in an understanding of each other and a love that comes from being friends first. Whatever may come next in season 2, I know that they will survive because of this respect, the way that it started, and love that they have between each other.

'Riverdale': ABC's of Bughead

M is for Magical

I’m not talking about real magic with wands and wizards. This isn’t that type of show or it isn’t yet. (I’m looking at you Sabrina the Teenage Witch crossover.) When I say magical when talking about  Bughead I mean that the bond between them is beautiful and delightful in a way that seems out of this world and is inherently breathtaking and unexplainable. It’s magical.

N is for Natural

Betty and Jughead, from the start, seemed to fall easily into place. They complimented each other in a way that felt natural and not forced upon us as viewers. And when they fell into a relationship it felt like a natural progression between two people who just clicked and understood the other.

O is for Optimistic

Both Betty and Jughead have worries that weigh them down sometimes. But what keeps them going is the optimism of the opposite person. When Betty is feeling like she’s spiraling and has no control Jughead comes in with assurances that they would solve everything. And Betty does the same thing for him when the world seems to be crashing down all around him. They keep each other looking at the bright side of things.

P is for Passionate

While these two can be gentle with each other they can also be very passionate. In the final episode of Riverdale we saw that break through and leave us hot and bothered and surprised that he could pick her up and press her against that counter like that. Too bad that they were interrupted. We’re looking forward to more scenes like this in season 2!

Q is for Quiet

Being quiet around your partner and feeling utterly comfortable, speaks louder than any moment of passion. Betty and Jughead are comfortable being around each other without uttering a word and know that given time, the other will break the silence and talk about what’s on their mind.

R is for Romance

Jughead isn’t one for big and traditional romantic gestures. What he does have is a different way of expressing his love for Betty. He’s willing to step out of his comfort zone for her and meet her halfway on things that are important to her. And that right there is more romantic to Betty than a dozen roses, a dinner and movie date, or a box of her favorite chocolates.

S is for Strong

They make each other stronger just by being at each other’s sides. What she lacks he has in bucket loads. And the same thing could be said about Jughead and what he struggles with. They make each other stronger and fit together like an epic BFF necklace only made for OTP’s.

T is for Troublesome

Being a lean, mean, and strong team means that they’ve gotten into quite a bit of trouble along the way. They know the other has a thirst for the truth and uncovering the painful bits and pieces of this town. So they stick together and wade through the waters of trouble at each other’s side.

U is for Unique

Despite the fact that this ship has ‘bad boy meets good girl trope’ written all over it, it’s quite a unique couple. They complement each other, lift the other one up, and believe so much in the others capability to conquer the mysteries of this town and the things that weigh them down. It’s not a one-sided cliche where she’s setting out to fix him. She accepts who he is and still loves him for it.

V is for Vulnerable

Betty and Jughead are both fighting their own personal demons. And this relationship that they are building between each other has allowed them to be vulnerable about what they’re struggling with. We’ve only just started peeling away the layers to Betty and Jughead individually, but I have great faith and hope that the vulnerability and trust they’ve shown with each other so far will lead them to explore and understand new territory between them that will make them stronger than ever before.

W is for Witty

Witty banter is one of my favorite tools used between OTP’s. It’s chemistry at its finest and allows some truly unique moments to be born. Without the witty banter between them we would have never gotten that Romeo and Juliet scene when he came to visit her or the teasing moments that followed after. People might not give it as much credence, but the ability to joke and tease with somebody and give as good as you get, is a sign of a healthy relationship built on a deeper understanding of each other.

X is for XOXO

Kisses wouldn’t be complete without the hugs that accompany them. There is just something so sweet and tender about the way that they hold each other. Just like when Jughead touches Betty as if she were the most delicate thing in the world, their hugs are exactly the same way. They are each other’s port (port being each other’s arms and the way they melt into them) when the storm of Riverdale gets too much.

Y is Young

Betty and Jughead are just beginning their journey together. They’re young but I don’t see that as a disadvantage for them. They’ve already got some great building blocks laid down for the foundation of Bughead. Being so young and having each other’s back while all this crazy stuff happens around them, means that they can build together and make mistakes by each other’s side. They can grow together.

Z is for Zest

For a while Betty and Jughead were at a standstill, just waiting it out as things they wanted passed by them. With each other I think they found a new zest for life, a new enthusiasm. They know that there are things to be solved and discovered in life and in Riverdale, and they’re ready to discover it together.

Riverdale returns for Season 2 on October 11, at 8 p.m. on The CW.


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