‘The Originals’ Cast Hayley and Hope’s Love Interests.

First let me say – that anyone who is a love interest for Hayley, if his name isn’t Elijah, I don’t want. I get it – my Haylijah ship is broken right now, but I still hold out hope for “always and forever.”

So the only person that needs to be cast opposite Pheobe Tonkin is Daniel Gillies.

Next let me say – I love you Torrance Coombs, so I am sorry that I am not happy about your casting as a potential love interest for Hayley on The Originals. I do understand the whole add tension thing – to hopefully get to a happy ending. BUT, I still sigh.

Coombs will be playing Declan, an Irish cook. Now, Hayley will be involved with him physically – which hey, I am not hating on, because my pants would probably fall for a hot man with an Irish accent who can make me good food.

But Coombs isn’t the only one cast. Also cast is Desecendants star Jedidiah Goodacre. He’ll be playing Roman, a vampire who meets Hope at school and takes an interest in her family, after an incident. Let’s be real, Roman you are a dumb ass to date Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter. But we’re intrigued.

For now we’re going to have to wait until 2018 to see what happens, because that is when The Originals returns to The CW for it’s final season.

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