‘Arrow’: The ABCs of Olicity

Sometimes it’s the surprises you don’t see coming that end up being the most satisfying. That couldn’t be more true in the case of Arrow’s Oliver and Felicity, whose instant chemistry catapulted them into a romance of epic proportions.

While things haven’t been particularly smooth for Olicity over the past year, one thing that cannot, will not change is how these two look at each other; how much these two love each other. Oliver and Felicity have all of the components worthy of an OTP – the chemistry, the connection, the history, the love, and everything that puts the Oh into OTP.

We’ve put together a list of ABCs that reminds us of all the things we love about Olicity. The only downside is that there aren’t more letters in the alphabet – because we have so much more left to say!

A is for Always.

As in, there’s nothing that can stop Oliver and Felicity from always finding each other, even themselves. Comic book canon couldn’t even stop them. And this is coming from producers that were comic book fans. Olicity is pure magic. Not even they can deny that.

B is for Babble.

Not only does Felicity, resident genius and expert babbler, talk in sentence fragments. But Oliver, our rough and tough hero and former ladies’ man, started babbling when he asked out his love Felicity for the first time. And that smile. Could your OTP ever?

C is for Connection.

You want to talk about connection? Oliver and Felicity are two characters that had an instantaneous bond from their very first scene together in episode 3. That connection has grown from friendship to partners to lovers to soulmates. You need proof of connection? All you need is to watch these two gaze into each other’s eyes like they’re dying of thirst.

D is for Domesticated.

As in, is there anything better than watching Oliver and Felicity be in domestic bliss? Morning runs without chasing a villain, making breakfast, and morning sex. Doesn’t get any better than that.

E is for Elevator Shaft.

While there might have only been two elevator moments between Oliver and Felicity – the most recent coming a week ago – they’ve definitely been memorable enough to make our list. The words “Hold onto me tight” have never sounded less platonic.

F is for Felicity.

As in the special way that Oliver says “Felicity” whether it’s in times of distress or moments of complete admiration. Whether Oliver’s screaming her name or whispering it. There’s no sound more beautiful.

G is for Goo Goo Eyes.

Even when it’s not in the script, Oliver and Felicity cannot help but make those goo goo eyes at each other. Even when they’re broken up, Oliver and Felicity cannot not look like they’re in love. Even when they’re not speaking, Oliver and Felicity cannot help but say a thousand words with a single gaze. And don’t even get me started on those dopey grins these two get when they stare at each other.

H is for Heroes.

As in, both Oliver and Felicity are heroes that watch out for their city. They’re two different kinds of heroes, but they’re heroes nonetheless. Even better, they’re heroes that complement each other and make each other stronger. Even in alternate realities and alien fantasy worlds, Oliver and Felicity will always be heroes.

I is for Iconic.

The chemistry. The trust. The connection. The reliance. The love. The unexpected and beautiful surprise that made this show even better. There is no couple more iconic on Arrow than Oliver and Felicity. You can take your comic book canon and shove it.

J is for Jealousy.

Is there anything more hilarious and gratifying than watching Oliver and Felicity get jealous about each other? We’ve got fond memories of this jealousy dating back to season 1, as well as season 2 when Oliver began to realize his feelings. Typically, jealousy can get clichéd and annoying, but Olicity jealousy is what I live for.

K is for Kneel.

Was there ever a moment that made our hearts flutter more than the moment Oliver Queen got down on one knee and proposed to his love Felicity Smoak in season 4? Those beautiful words. That loving smile. That “yes.” That embrace. And you know that we have another proposal on the way…

L is for Love.

If you want to see love embodied look no further than Oliver and Felicity, who have not only loved for a while but they’ve loved deeply and passionately. And they still do. We knew they loved each other long before they said the words. They couldn’t hide it if they tried.

M is for Married.

While Oliver and Felicity aren’t married yet – even though they should be – there’s nothing in this world that can stop these two from acting like an old married couple. Even before they were romantically involved, Olicity have been like a married couple since season 1. They don’t know how not to be.

N is for Nanda Parbat.

We all know what happened here. Felicity’s first love confession, Oliver and Felicity’s first time (which is still breaking the internet), the morning after, the heartbreaking goodbye, and that forehead touch that makes me weep. Never thought I’d love Nanda Parbat this much.

O is for OTP.

I knew from the first moment that Oliver Queen walked into Felicity Smoak’s office in episode 3: this is it; this is my OTP. Never have I felt so many feelings about a couple before. They are walking magic – something that was never supposed to happen but ultimately proved it was meant to be. This might be the closest thing to magic we’ll see in reality.

P is for Partners.

Partners in life and in work. That’s goals. Oliver and Felicity have always worked well together – even when they’re not together. But it’s that dual dynamic of being partners on Team Arrow and in their personal lives that was my favorite partnership. Here’s hoping we get more of that next season!

Q is for Quirky.

While Felicity might be known for being the quirky one – and my God do I love her for it – Oliver certainly has his moments. And the beautiful thing is that it’s a reaction that only Felicity can elicit from him.

R is for Respect.

These two have a long history of respect that has been one of the fundamental components of their relationship. While things haven’t always been easy or smooth, there’s always been a sense of respect between the two of them that makes them equals.

S is for Salmon Ladder.

I’ve never loved a piece of workout equipment as much as I love the salmon ladder. This beautiful simplistic piece of metal has been something that we and Felicity have been obsessed with since season 1. Usually it’s just marveling at Oliver doing it – preferably shirtless. But now, we can Felicity doing the salmon ladder – and where that leads – to the list.

T is for Trust.

While Oliver and Felicity most recently worked through some trust issues, from the beginning their relationship has been based on a foundation of trust. Certain things have happened since then – like the contrived baby mama drama – that threatened it, but Olicity know how to work back towards that strong trusting foundation. And they’ll get there. Like always.

U is for Understanding.

Oliver and Felicity don’t always agree, but something that they’ve been able to do is come to a mutual understanding. That understanding doesn’t mean that they agree, but they’re able to see it from the other’s perspective so that they can know the why.

V is for Vigilantes.

Vigilante justice never looked so good than on Oliver and Felicity. Before being a hero was cool, Oliver and Felicity, along with Diggle, were fighting to protect their city from the scum that walked its surface. They never asked for a damn thing. But what they ended up getting was each other.

W is for Wedding.

While we’ve been so cruelly denied a real Olicity wedding, we did get the most beautiful and sincere fake wedding the history of fake weddings. Because for all intents and purposes, this was real. Oliver’s vows were real. Felicity’s honest reaction after those vows were real. If this was a fake wedding, just imagine how amazing their real wedding is going to be.

X is for Xs & Os.

Their hugs are enough to take your breath away. Their kisses are enough to send you into cardiac arrest. Basically, every time Oliver and Felicity share a kiss or a comforting or loving hug, it’s a moment each and every time. No moment too small. Every moment significant.

Y is for Yearn.

Apparently, producers think happy couples are boring. So Oliver and Felicity have seen their share of unnecessary drama thrown their way. But if there’s one good thing to come out of it, it’s their reactions after the fact. When they’re not together, there’s that burning desire, that yearning that is present in their every look, touch, and movement. Bless Stephen and Emily.

Z is for Zest.

If there was ever an OTP that provided that zest of life, it’s Oliver and Felicity. All these two need to do is stand next to each other or in the same vicinity for there to be an undeniable electricity in the air. Much like there’s a spice in their relationship that we, the audience see, you know there’s a zest in their relationship that we don’t always get to see.

Have your own ABCs of Olicity? Sound off in the comments!

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