Chicago P.D.: Deleted Linstead Scene Sheds Light on Halstead's PTSD

Our Chicago P.D. hearts are still broken following the recent break between Jay Halstead and Erin Lindsay. Things seemed to be going great for the longtime partners turned couple. But we know that happiness doesn’t last long in television.
When Halstead’s military past caught up with him, he discovered that he hadn’t really dealt with his PTSD after those years in the military. He didn’t want that to jeopardize his relationship with Lindsay, so he made an incredibly tough decision that was right in the moment: he told Erin that he needed some time to get his head straight.
“Little Bit of Light” saw the aftermath of their (temporary) break as the closeness that has always been a part of them was replaced with distance. They finally had a little bit of closure at the end of the episode where Jay admitted that he still needed a little time, and Erin said she did, as well.
Chicago P.D star Sophia Bush revealed in a tweet that there was more to that scene than was shown on television.

NBC has now released the deleted Linstead scene, which is basically the entire scene we’ve already scene with the added 15 seconds of Halstead telling Lindsay that he’s going to a support group to try and get help.

Well, we certainly didn’t expect to be emotionally compromised on a Sunday morning, but it was worth it to finally get some context. We can’t help but wonder why these 15 seconds were cut in the first place? This was, after all, the most important part of the scene.
It looks like we’ll have to continue to wait until Jay and Erin are reunited again. But they’re more than worth it.
Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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