Chicago P.D. 4×19 Review: 'Last Minute Resistance'

On a show like Chicago P.D. where nearly all of its episodes are mind-blowing, there are episodes that really take it to another level. “Last Minute Resistance” was one of those episodes.
On the surface this episode appeared to be one that focused on the power of family. And while that was certainly true, this episode really shined when it came to exposing the injustice and inhuman nature of sexual assault. This was a platform for everyone involved to shine, namely Burgess, her sister Nicole, and Lindsay.
But “Last Minute Resistance” didn’t just address the issue of rape on the surface. It dug deeper to the root of the injustice. Where were these men learning this behavior from? It really showed that rape culture is something that isn’t innate rather learned – or taught in the case of the late Billy Malone from Arrow (well, obviously he didn’t reprise that role, but the actor made an appearance…an impactful one.)
This was an emotional hour on all fronts. Not only is this an issue that is ripped from headlines pretty much every day, but we as an audience got to see it up close and personal in all of its grotesque nature. Once again it makes you wonder: How could people possibly think this is okay? How could they hear “no” and take that to mean “yes?” These are questions that we hear too often, but we shouldn’t have to ask in the first place.
Chicago P.D. continues to prove why it – as well as the rest of the One Chicago franchise – are some of the most exceptional hours of television every single week. Every week these shows deliver powerful messages from cases ripped from our own headlines and find a way to shine a light on the injustice and inspire us to be better in our own lives.
Let’s break this episode down:

No Means No. Always.

This episode was personal in a lot of ways for a lot of people. If it wasn’t the sexual assault aspect you could connect to, it was the aspect of someone you love being harmed and feeling that rage within you to get revenge. So obviously Kim Burgess was feeling the rage and more in this episode as her sister Nicole was brutally raped and left for dead.
Sexual assault is a touchy subject. It’s something that’s incredibly important to be knowledgeable about so that it can be prevented, but it’s also something that should be approached with caution when it comes to media. Too often you see shows exploiting a sexual assault storyline in a way that comes off as attention-seeking.
But sometimes, exploring the issue of sexual assault on television can deliver a powerful message. As was the case with Chicago P.D. Given the nature of the show – with the brutal crimes and cases our Intelligence Unit faces every week – this is definitely an issue that would be expected to be addressed.
But “Last Minute Resistance” was so much more than I had anticipated. It was so emotionally powerful, heartbreaking, and jaw-dropping that it reminded me why it’s important for the shows that can get away with tackling a storyline like this in the right way.
Having this topic center around a family member from Intelligence made it as powerful as it was because it showed the effects of sexual assault on the victim and the victim’s loved ones. Sexual assault isn’t something that affects one person. It affects that person’s family, their friends, and the future victims that these predators seek out. It’s an endless cycle of injustice.
Burgess and Lindsay went undercover to catch the scumbags in the act so that they could get the evidence the State’s Attorney’s office needed to charge them. Burgess took things too far – as she downed a shot that was laced with drugs – but luckily she’s a cop and was able to pummel the predator into gum.
Perhaps the most important part of this sexual assault issue with the men came after Burgess and Lindsay took the two creeps down. These men said they believed that the women wanted it. Even as we watched Burgess tell Creep #1 “No” repeatedly. Even as she bashed his face with her fist repeatedly. He still believed that she – and Nicole – wanted it.
That’s the issue right there. There are actually people that believe that they can take whatever they want. Misogynists that believe that women are their playthings and are there for their pleasure and can be exploited whenever. There are actually people in the world that are walking scum.
When someone says “No.” They mean “No.” They don’t mean, “No, I want it.” They mean, “No, get your damn hands off of me.”
Now, an episode like this isn’t going to completely eradicate the issue of sexual assault in our country. But an episode like this could help someone, somewhere. Perhaps it might help a victim. Perhaps it might help others that could become victims. Knowledge is power. And this is an issue that needs to be continually discussed.
So, thank you, Chicago P.D.

Perpetuating Sexual Assault

Something that I really appreciated with “Last Minute Resistance” was how it didn’t focus only on the men that were involved in the sexual assault first hand. It stressed the importance of knowing that sexual assault isn’t something that is innate within us. It’s something that is learned.
While the two men were ultimately responsible for the sexual assault on Nicole and the murder of her friend Nicole, they weren’t the only ones that take that responsibility. Honestly, I don’t remember the guy’s name (but I’ll call him Malone because that’s his Arrow persona.) But Malone led a group that ultimately trained men how to be rapists. To him, men are wired to reign dominant over women. Which is absolutely disgusting (and thank God Voight kicked the shit out of him for saying that.)
This guy – Malone – is a significant part of this rape culture. He’s someone who is saying, Yes, it’s okay to force sex on a woman who doesn’t want it. When she’s saying “no,” she doesn’t mean it. He’s someone who is saying, It’s your biological right to dominate women. He is the problem.
Like any bad habit (and let’s get this clear, sexual assault isn’t a bad habit, but for the purpose of this sentence, it’s to explain learned behaviors), this is something that is encouraged by certain people. The more exposure, the more prone you are to do it. This isn’t genetic. This is learned behavior. And nothing in the world will ever make that okay. Including the douchebags that teach classes on how to sexually assault women.

Burgess Takes a Leave

Even though I knew this was coming, it didn’t make it any easier after an episode like this to say goodbye to Kim Burgess for the remainder of season 4. Now, that’s only four more episodes. But four episodes can feel like an eternity. And Burgess is a presence that’ll be missed.
Given Marina’s real-life pregnancy – and given that there’s only so long she could hide behind boxes and such – we knew Burgess had to be written out of the show for four episodes. But how?
Well, “Last Minute Resistance” certainly answered that question. And the explanation was one that actually made a lot of sense. Following her sister’s brutal rape, Nicole told Kim that she doesn’t feel safe walking out of her front door anymore. What was she to do?
Given that Nicole had taken care of Kim all of her life, Kim decided that it was time she do the same for her sister. So Burgess decided to take some extended time off to really focus on rebuilding her family. Which Voight completely understood. Of course. Cause he’s amazing.
But there are certainly some questions that come with her departure, including what’s her status with Ruzek? The two shared a passionate kiss when he returned from his undercover mission. But since then there hasn’t really been any resolution. There’s been a lot of flirting, a lot of closeness, but nothing substantial. So where do they stand? Is this something that’ll get more focus come season 5? You know, I’m not a very patient person. So this sucks.
So these final four episodes will be missing a key part of the heart of this show. But luckily, it’s not an extended amount of time. Burgess should be back for season 5 (which hasn’t yet been renewed, but we all know it will be because come on.)

Five Things…

  1. This episode was so important when it comes to shining the light on the horrors that are sexual assaults. No means no. No ifs, ands, or buts. No means no. Always. No one ever has it coming. No one wants it if they don’t say it. It’s something that should seem obvious, but it’s one of the most terrifying crimes that continues to plague our world.
  2. Hank Voight is someone a stranger would run from, but someone on his team would run toward. Basically, he’s downright scary. Like I love Voight so much – the depths to which he’s willing to go to protect his family in Intelligence – but it’s also a reminder that you do not want to mess with Voight. He’ll literally kill you.
  3. I’m going to miss Burgess so much! As Marina heads on her maternity leave, this is the last we’ll see of Burgess this season as there are now just four episodes remaining. Even though it’s only four episodes, it’s going to feel like an eternity.
  4. Lindsay and Burgess going undercover together was everything. I’m all for female friendships, especially Lindsay and Burgess who have been a long time coming as friends. It certainly helps now that Burgess has joined Intelligence. And it was undercover operations like this one that proved they’re a dynamic duo. (Though it’ll always be Halstead and Lindsay for me.)
  5. Halstead shouting “Manslut” and dragging that asshole was THE BEST. “You sure you want to play it that way?” Why, yes, Jay, he does. After a douchebag ignored Halstead and Lindsay, Halstead dragged him as he shouted in his workplace his alter ego “Manslut,” which I swear to God will have me laughing for days.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.


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