Designated Survivor Review: “One Hundred Days”

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This weeks Designated Survivor, as per usual was amazing. But the truth is, I am a little sad. I am sad because by the end of the episode, Aaron remembered what hair gel was and starts to use it again.

You know how there are those movies where the geek becomes sheik by taking their hair down and taking off their glasses? That is what it was like, but in reverse.

And I am not about it.

But anyhow – here’s the synopsis for the episode, One Hundred Days

As President Kirkman releases an agenda to reset his presidency, Alex makes a controversial public statement that threatens to derail it. Meanwhile, FBI agent Hannah Wells unknowingly finds herself in the center of a dangerous trap while getting closer to the truth. Mark Deklin guest stars as Senator Jack Bowman.

Let’s break it down –


Look guys, I don’t trust Aaron for shit. The truth is if someone uses that much hair product one has to think that they are hiding some serious shit. But guys, we get to see Aaron without all the hair gel and I am about it. Now don’t get me wrong, he goes back to using too much soon. It was like a tease – here’s a piece of cake and then fuck you, I sprayed it with Windex and you can’t eat it. Yup, the trust for him is still not there

But we see Aaron looking all suspicious for a hot second, but we soon realize soon that it’s his cousin coming to interview for a job at the capital. Turns out that politics are in everyones blood. Aaron’s considering leaving Washington D.C., but she talks him into staying. And so Aaron goes to the capital to talk to Speaker Hookstraden’s office and wants help getting a job as a lobbyist.

But Hookstraden has another idea. She hires him to be her Chief Strategist and we mourn the loss of the Aaron forgetting to use hair gel. Friends, that is a tragedy.


Emily makes some great moves and is really showcasing her skills in her new job. She’s kicking ass at being Chief of Staff and I think that she knows that. She’s smiling every time that you turn around like she ate the best pizza in the world.

Now, I am gonna say it. Something is up with Emily. I am not trusting her and that kills me. Cause I love her. But she’s too eager and there is just too much that she’s not saying. It’s not just a woman who wants a new position and power, she’s up to something.


So the President wants to start his first 100 days from this moment on. Hey, we can get with that, cause you know – he’s kinda not been given a fair break. He’s had a lot of shit happen. But as usual he delivers a speech that motivates everyone. Hell, I am all for him being President if he was a real life person. But then again, I’d take almost anyone over Trump.

But I digress.

So Mrs. Kirkman is at a luncheon and she gets asked some questions after her speech. It’s about gun control and she admits that she is all for gun control. Now this is something that the President doesn’t want to address in the first 100 days, so Seth and Emilie suggest that she backtracks. She can say that she’s all for gun control, but has to tell them that she was speaking for herself and not for the administration.

She conquers it like a champ.

So let’s fast forward a little bit and the President is at his town hall. He’s answering questions like a champ and then he gets asked one on gun control. I have to give it up to the writers, they made sure that the questions would hit you in the heart. A woman lost her daughter to gun violence when her ex-boyfriend got out of jail and was able to buy a gun.

The President admitted that something needs to be done about guns. This of course sets off people and so the President is proactive and calls some of the Senators and Representatives to the oval. He tells the Senator that was speaking out after Mrs. Kirkman spoke against guns, that he’s willing to work with him to find the best recourse.

So after leaving the White House the Senator tells the press that he’s willing to work with the President and will reintroduce a bill that helps with background checks. This bill has all sorts of holes in it, but the problem is if the President doesn’t support it he will look like a hypocrite.

But President Kirkman is up for a fight.


So Hannah’s finding things out. She and Chuck are able to find Claudette’s finger print and are able to find out who she is.

So Hannah’s a bad ass and she’s like fuck you bitch, I am coming for you. She gets Jason to help her and guys – he deserves that kill more than anyone. Claudette killed his son and so she’s a nasty bitch. But as her and Jason are on there way to get Claudette when they get cut off. Jason flips his shit.

So Hannah tells Jason she can’t right now, that he’s not ready. He gets pissed and walks off.

Long story short, Hannah ends up back at Chucks place and someone blows it up with a gas leak. They barely escape. These people are ruthless. She’s extra motivated now, so she heads to where Claudette lives. As they go through the house, Hannah sees her face on a monitor. Crazy bitch comes out of nowhere, and they fight. As you think that Hannah is about to get strangled, Jason comes out of nowhere.

Claudette tries to get in Jason’s head and he’s not having it. But suddenly she’s got a gun and Jason and Hannah are forced to shoot.

Ends up they find on her computer plans for blowing up the Golden Gate and Statue of Liberty. Shit is about to go down.

This mystery is barely getting started.



Designated Survivor airs Wednesday’s on ABC.

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