Breaking Down ‘Designated Survivor’ – The World Is F*cking Cray But Seth Is Perfect

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Guys, we have one more episode after this and we’re pretty emotionally fucked up. Designated Survivor is a roller coaster ride that really mind fucks you and really makes you worry about all the craziness that can go on in the world. Yes, we know it’s a TV show, but let’s just say in todays times you never know what could happen. The world is a scary place.

But I digress.

Tonight’s (last night, by the time you read this) episode was entitled, Bombshell, and well – there were quite a few.

President Kirkman’s first international summit is derailed when journalist Abe Leonard publishes an explosive article. Meanwhile, Hannah Wells uncovers the conspiracy’s next target.

Let’s break it down.


Kirkman is on his first international visit. He’s gone to a NATO summit. Yes world, shit is about to go down. See, France had approached before – as they wanted to open the conversation about Nuclear weapons. But nothing ever goes easy for the President.

Remember Abe Leonard? The douchebag reporter who has all sorts of issues. The one who has been being fed all the information about what is going on. He publishes a story telling the world that the US has the wrong people for the Capitol bombing. The story comes as an inconvenient time, because he’s at the Summit, about to propose a new initiative for the cutdown of Nuclear weapons.

The President won’t deny or confirm the story and tells Seth to evade basically. But he tells Moss the truth, that the story is true. Man, Moss is pissed. He feels lied to and reminds the President if he goes down, so does Moss. The President knows he’s made a mistake and asks for council from Moss. But the truth is the options are limited. However, these two have each others backs.

Though I will say I think sometimes that Moss speaks too much.

But he doesn’t have answers for the allies, who want them. France reminds everything that Kirkman hasn’t earned their trust. He tells them that he can not tell them everything, it’s a matter of national security. The allies decide that they can not listen to his initiatives if they won’t tell them what is going on really.

Okay, fellow politicians – don’t be rude.

Kirkman always has a plan. He tells the French Prime Minister that he will have Moss negotiating with Russia for the unilateral decrease of nuclear weapons. France looks a little shocked, which shocks me – cause if there is anything that Kirkman has a reputation for, it’s keeping his word.


As we know, Hannah was kidnapped by all the people behind this conspiracy. Last week she escaped the container that she was being held in, only to find that there wasn’t far that she could go. Everyone on the ship is looking for her, but Hannah isn’t about to go down without a fight. She’s making her way around, is able to get to the radio and call for a mayday. Only she has a limited amount of time, because the others on the ship hear her and they don’t want to be found. People are after her and she’s unable to finish her communication with the coast guard.

The Coast Guard calls Forstell and let him know that they thought Hannah Wells was the name of a ship, but they realized it’s not and they are doing their best to find her. He doesn’t want best, he wants perfection and tells them that he will be there shortly. It took a bit but they think that the ship is going into the Port of Baltimore, Slip 216.

Yes, it is the ship, but the thing is that Hannah is not there. See, Lazaro caught Hannah. He told her that she killed his brother – McLeish, so he’s gonna kill her family too. And then drops Jason’s ring in front of her. As she’s looking at the ring, he injects her and makes her pass out.

We don’t know how Hannah got off the ship, but we do know where she is. They placed her in the back of a van with all the bombs. Where? At the FBI building. That’s the next location for an attack.


The thing I love about Seth is that he’s always trusting, personable, and he sometimes feels like the only human on this show. People feel like – well, robotic. But Seth, he’s not that way. I couldn’t stop laughing when he got sick on Air Force One, cause that’s just irony.

But Seth died out there on the world stage, protecting the President and dodging real answers. But it’s when he looked at the President and said that he knows that he has good reasons for things, that my heart swooned and I knew Seth got it.


So as we know, the Browning Reed files keep getting erased. Mike, being reasonable, asks Chuck (who they have brought in to help, since Hannah is on assignment – aka kidnapped) to make copies of the file. Chuck’s like lets just embed a tracer and we can catch the guy.

Oh Chuck, if you weren’t so damn adorable and Hannah didn’t trust you, I would think you didn’t know how these things work. Of course they are going to be able to fool that tracer. THEY WERE ABLE TO BLOW UP THE CAPITOL!

Chuck and Mike think they have the person, but the scum traitor, AKA Homeland Security Chief, was able to clone his computer footprint and guess what they don’t. SO CLOSE, but technology outwitted.


  • Moss sent Emily a picture of Seth sick on Air Force One. It was funny. He wasn’t actually throwing up, just ill.
  • Aaron and Emily flirted in their own way at a restaurant and I admired she could over look his perpetual bad hair day.
  • The next attack is the FBI building.
  • Mrs. Kirkman looks guilty as sin and you can’t convince me that she isn’t.
  • The FBI wants to interview the journalist, Andrew Leonard.
  • Lloyd has said that Leonard has served his purpose.

PERSON WE TRUST THE MOST: Seth. Seth is all man and if you take that away and he’s part of this I am revolting.

PERSON WE TRUST THE LEAST: Besides the piece of craps we know we’re supposed to hate – that would be Mrs. Kirkman. Woman is guilty of something.

Designated Survivor airs Wednesdays on ABC.

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