Breaking Down Designated Survivor’s “Commander-in-Chief” Episode

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Like seriously I don’t even know where to begin. Week after week, I am 100% in with Designated Survivor, no matter what. But guys, I am starting to question my sanity, because I fell like I am getting mind fucked at every turn. Who enjoys that? Who puts up with that? Well guys, apparently I do.

Because I like Designated Survivor. Hell, I love it. I worship every second of the hour that I spend on Wednesdays thinking that I can figure this out. But guys – I don’t have a fucking clue. I just know that one day I am going to figure it out because you know, I am invested.

So very invested.

But this weeks episode lived up to it’s name, “Commander-in-Chief.”

Here’s the synopsis –

Turmoil in an African country forces President Kirkman to rely on an unlikely ally for help, as Hannah’s investigation into the Capitol bombing takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Emily settles into her new role as chief of staff while Aaron has to make a difficult choice.

Let’s break it down.


So as we know last week, Aaron ran into Langdon on the street and he was being tailed by the FBI. So Langdon leads him to a church where he tells him he needs help. But in a matter of seconds, he’s gone and the FBI has stormed the place.

So Aaron gets taken into the FBI headquarters and questioned. He tells them, Langdon wants a deal. He’s scared. After Hannah talks to the President they get the clearance to bring Langdon in. Hopefully we’re finally going to get answers.

But this is TV and do we ever really get answers? Kind of. But answers always come with one problem – more questions. And that’s exactly what we got. Answers that lead to a million more questions.

Langdon gives us a little information – he met a woman four years ago and was sleeping with her. At first her vagina was able to convince him to furnish her with contract information and I am quite interested to know what sexual favors she performed in order to get the threat assessment information on the Capital. Cause he gave that shit up.

Remember how it looked like Aaron had accessed the threat assessment information? Well guys, Langdon cleared him. But the other information that he gave doesn’t do more but require more questions. Apparently he was being blackmailed and was told to put Kirkmans as the Designated Survivor. He claims that he didn’t make the call, but hey – who knows. Someone did. And Langdon believes it was because Kirkman didn’t have the experience to lead.

So, back to Aaron. The press has already learned that Aaron was called into the FBI, so even he can see that his credibility has been shot to hell. So he makes the hard choice and resigns.

Look, I would like to say that this takes Aaron off the guilty list, but what if this was all part of the conspiracy? I feel bad for him, because he didn’t do what landed him in the FBI, but… somethings not right with him.

Though Emily seems a little okay that she’s gotten the job she always wanted.


So like most things in life, we have to learn how to do them. We aren’t all equipped to lead, we all don’t know how to do everything. And that’s fine. But Kirkman was thrust into the position that he is in and so ready or not, it’s there.

Remember last week, when we learned that President Moss was coming to the White House. Well, this week he arrived.

Now, I love Tom Kirkman, but he could have held his fangirl in a little bit more. Okay, maybe a lot more. When Moss walked into the oval,  President Kirkman looked at him the way that I look at a fresh Krispy Kreme donut – full of want and not caring how wide my ass gets.

We saw that old habits die hard, because Moss came in like he owned the place. Everyone seemed to miss him and respect him. Part of me thinks that it got to Kirkman, cause lets all face it – he hasn’t earned that level of respect yet from anyone yet. I mean he’s earned a lot, but there is still a lot of doubt about what he can do to the people. Why? Well like President Moss said he’s reacting instead of leading.

So there is an issue going on in Naruba. A war lord and his army are heading towards the capital and it has all the signs of a genocide happened. So the President has a decision of what to do. And so he decides to bomb the army and take them out – well, that is until they take hostage of 15 American aide workers.

It’s the President’s time to shine or not. Moss helps him and tells him to buy them back. Yes, America does not negotiate with terrorists. But long and short of it – they life sanctions on another country to get them to release the war lords money. And it works. The President gets the 15 American’s back and promises not to bomb the group. However, he decides to bomb the infrastructure, giving Moss time to negotiate with the Russians.

Kirkman offers him Secretary of State and he agrees. Looks like we’re working towards a cabinet. Finally.


As usual, Designated Survivor is going to make you rethink everything. This week is no exception.

Hannah is figuring out a lot of things and we see her kicking ass at it. But at the end of it all, the President gives her the full power to do whatever she needs to do to bring the people behind the conspiracy to justice.


  •  I think Mrs. Kirkman is a part of the conspiracy.
  • I really feel bad for Emily that she’s so self involved and doesn’t realize that she could have happiness.
  • Seth… oh Seth. Are you a sleeper agent that is going to fuck everything up for me?
  • I actually like President Moss.

Designated Survivor airs Wednesday’s on ABC.

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