The First Lady’s Mama Has Been Cast on ‘Designated Survivor’

We love additions to our favorites shows, because for us that makes us think about what is going to happen next. What will this character bring?

What will they make us hate? Who will they make us love? What chaos will they bring?

We’ve never really trusted the First Lady, but hey – it is what it is. Now we’re going to meet her mother. Parenthood alumna Bonnie Bedelia, has joined the cast as the first lady’s Mama.

According to Deadline here’s more about her character: “Eva was widowed 20 years ago, is fiercely devoted to her daughter (Natascha McElhone) and grandchildren, and is an unabashed fan of her son-in-law. She spent her working life as a secretary to a Department of Defense contracting officer. Her husband (Alex’s father) was a salesman.”

Bonnie Bedelia’s character will be a reccuring role.

Designated Survivor returns September 27th.

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