Look, I’ve been a fan and a detractor of Designated Survivor’s Tom Kirkman in equal measure. A fan because, of course, the man represented everything we would ever want in a public official, he was honest, he was hardworking, he cared – in fact, you might even say he caredRead More →


It seems like, one way or another, we haven’t seen the last of President Tom Kirkman. Designated Survivor has been rescued by Netflix after being axed by ABC, with the streaming giant ordering a 10-episode Season 3, and we’re not exactly sure if we should be thrilled or …worried? NealRead More →

There are two big problems with Designated Survivor right now, or at least two big ones – the smaller ones are just too numerous to count and I just don’t have the time or inclination to list them. Let’s focus on the big picture here. Number one: No one knowsRead More →