‘Designated Survivor’ 2×20 Review: To the Shock of No One

I’m not going to sit here and pretend this episode of Designated Survivor was shocking, no. It was textbook bait and switch, and though they executed it well, anyone who’s watched at least one procedural in their lives could have told you that on TV things are never what they seem. The first suspect is never actually the killer.

No, it’s usually the person that looks the more innocent.

Also, you did do that shot where you framed the toy car last week, so, I mean, what did you expected, Designated Survivor?

That being said, this was a good episode of a show that I’ve had to significantly lower my expectations for. It’s never been as good as it was the first half of Season 1, and more and more it seems unlikely it can ever get there. But, most times, this is still an entertaining show that probably deserves to see another season.

Even if that means putting up with more of Hannah’s erratic emotions.

Because, really, in an episode that allows Kendra and even Emily, in a way, to shine, and come off as logical, intelligent women, the show continues to double down on this ridiculous story-line of Hannah absolutely losing her mind and going crazy for revenge because of …eh …Damian?

I’m sorry, but what?

Look, even if I can believe that in such a short time she truly let down her guard and fell for Damian so wholeheartedly, a dicey probability at best, the rest just doesn’t add up. Remember, this is the same Hannah Wells that “killed” Damian once, and she did it because that was the right thing to do, because it meant protecting the President and the country.

And sure, the guy had been sorta helpful at the end, but he was still a bad guy. He’d still betrayed her.

You can imagine how much I rolled my eyes at the final scene. So much eye-rolling. And so much lost potential, too. I’d be 97% more into a Hannah/Aaron romance than I ever was into whatever other romance you’ve tried on this show.

Including the possible but aborted Tom Kirkman/Andrea Frost one, which I’m really, really glad we didn’t get.

Let’s be honest here, Andrea Frost’s character, though likable, was a little flat. We’ve got enough sort of flat characters around. We don’t need more. If this show is to go on to have a Season 3, we need some actual interesting characters. We need less Andrea Frosts and more Ethan Wests.

And, let’s face it, this show is probably going to get a Season 3. You just don’t cancel Kiefer, unless the show is actively awful, which this show isn’t. At times, this show is still good. It’s just, sadly, never great anymore. And that’s what Season 1 got us used to.

Other things to note:

  • I’d love a graphic to explain the ups and downs of the Seth/Emily relationship. Or is that another thing I’m supposed to forget about.
  • Just like Kirkman’s kids.
  • Chuck, you actually had a story-line. Praise Jesus!
  • If we solved this, then what’s coming in the season finale?
  • And why is Michael J. Fox still around? Is it just because he’s Michael J. Fox? Because that’s a good enough reason for me.

Designated Survivor airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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