Breaking Down Designated Survivor: “The End of the Beginning”

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My review for Designated Survivor is a little late this week because I had to have surgery. But the moment I came home from the hospital, I sat down to watch it.

Guys, this show gets me every week. Like I want to believe that all will be better, but at the same point – I don’t know what will get better, cause I can’t figure out what the hell is going on.

Let’s break down “The End of the Beginning.”

Here’s the synopsis:

Circles must tighten as a new discovery within the conspiracy emerges. Meanwhile, tension rises between Aaron and Emily as suspicions loom in the White House. A new lead places Agent Wells closer than before to the truth.

Okay, here we go –


You have to feel bad for Kirkman, because his circle just became really small and that can get very isolating. He can’t even tell his wife what is going on. He has to rely on himself and for a man that wants to spread the love – well, that’s gotta be a pain in the ass.

He’s having nightmares – but like can one blame him? He got shot. But did he have them before? Or is it just that the weight of the world is weighing on him now?

I have to say Mrs. Kirkman’s willingness to let the secrecy be okay in the beginning, I am like ok, she’s cool. But she seems to get more annoyed by it as time passes and that seems like a red flag.

I know, I know – I am suspicious of everyone.

But there is a part of me that feels sorry for President. This show makes me realize how lonely he must be.


MacLeish wants to give the presentation that everything is going on is a ok. We all know that he’s a piece of shit, but he schedules a press conference. Everyone wants to know why. He goes out and tells the world that he is in support of Kirkman, that everything will be fine, and that he’s thankful for law enforcement. MacLeish is a liar – he’s trying to make himself look better, but maybe it is just me – he makes himself look worse.

MacLeish goes to visit the President and he’s kissing ass. I mean I have to give it up to Kirkman how he handled it.

As usual, MacLeish’s wife is leading him by the nads, and that is just not a good look on him. Like I will give him credit that he deserves – he does seem to feel a little guilty. I can respect that. But whatever he did – he is still doing it and he has hurt a lot of people – so I don’t feel too bad for him. He literally has to be regretting his choice of wife. If anything it makes you want to make sure that you get your significant other tested before marriage.

So that guy that Hannah pushed over the edge. He wants to see MacLeish and he falls for it. He doesn’t seem too worried, but hey people – why is it no one is worrying about the right thing here? I am not sure.

Ok – let’s back track a little bit. MacLeish’s ball and chain tells him, “No victory without sacrifice, remember?”

Girl – his sacrifice was he slept with you. I mean I know that there would be a lot more, but like – let’s cut him a little bit of a break. Dude had a hard time.

Anyhow he meets up with his friend, and the wife finds out and shows up there. The FBI had his friend wired and Beth (that’s crazy ladies name has figured out that Hannah is out. So as Hannah’s about to arrest MacLeish, Beth shoots MacLeish and then shoots herself.

My jaw dropped.

I have to give it to Designated Survivor, they keep you on your toes. They don’t hesitate to go there, to keep you thinking and guessing, and to be wondering about everything. It’s why this show is the best show on television. It’s written flawlessly. They know how to craft a story, to keep you invested.

My hat goes off to this show.


Aaron is still mad at Emily because he wants to know why it was that Emily was looking into his calls. I don’t mean to be an asshole, but Aaron if you can’t take the fact that a woman is looking into your phone calls, you are going to be single forever. Like trust me dude, your wife will be checking records when you have to “work late again.” We all know that means banging your secretary. We aren’t stupid.

Emily talks to the President and tells him what has been going on. She looks like she’s nervous, as if something is up. She doesn’t want Aaron to be guilty and I appreciate that. I mean no one wants the dude that they want to bone to be guilty.

Aaron was at the hospital and gets the answer he needs. But the thing is, we all know that is back at the White House and catches Emily playing the piano. The exchange a bunch of words and they come to a conclusion.

Here’s the thing –

1 – These two want to bone
2 – These two need to bone

But am I the only one that caught the pain in Emily’s eyes? She seems to be distraught. Something is bothering her. As much as I hate to say it – Emily is starting to look like she has something to hide.

Now the Speaker intimidates Aaron into telling her what happened with the gunman being killed. She’s good. I have to give it to her. She’s good. She wanted to know what MacLeish did – and Aaron spills. I don’t think he wanted to – but he didn’t know what to do.

Emily shows up in Seth’s office and she is feeling very sorry for herself. Guys, it’s her speech that makes me wonder about her. She seems very self sacrficing but there is more than that. Emily looks a little guilty of something. Maybe she is regretting what she did to Aaron, but maybe it’s more than that.

I love Emily. I feel like she shows what a strong female can be. But, I am not sold on her innocence.

Then again, I am not sold on Aaron’s. He goes searching for shit that he probably shouldn’t. He knows that something is up.

I want to be able to believe in both of them.


Hannah is finally able to tell the President what is going on. It’s about time that someone pulled MacLeish’s rug out from under him. She’s telling the President what is going on when Mrs. Kirkman walks in and Hannah tells him that the information is only for him and his team. Now, I am so fucking glad that Mike stood up for Hannah because I didn’t think he would.

Hannah’s on of the only people that seems to be able to see through people. She brings on one of the people from bureau to act as an “attorney general” type – but even he tells her that they need more information. So she brings up the fact that Jason Atwood may know more.

Going to visit him – she has to break the news to him that his son is still missing. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy, but at the same point – guys – he was in the FBI – he should know to trust her. He knows she is on the up and up.

So why doesn’t he?

But Hannah wants to do everything to fix everything for everyone and she can’t. She has to come up with a plan for the President. But am I the only person that thinks that girl needs to get some sleep. She’s got that big gash on her head. But she keeps going. I don’t know why. I am sure that the President would be okay with her taking a nap.

So she tries to find someone in MacLeish’s camp to break and she succeeds with one of the men from MacLeish’s old military unit. I mean the guy looks like he’s about to crap in his pants. And guys – I have to say for someone so tiny, Hannah is pretty intimidating. She knows what game she is playing.

But there isn’t a part of me that doesn’t want to hop in the TV and hug Hannah. This girl just gets the short of the stick every single time.


Jason went to jail to save his son. I can respect that about him. I feel for that man. He’s keeping his shit to himself, and then he finds out that his son has been murdered. And guys, I actually started crying. He didn’t deserve that, he was just doing his job.




Designated Survivor airs Wednesday’s on ABC.

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