New ‘Designated Survivor’ Trailer Promises Kiefer is Back

Well, Designated Survivor is coming back soon, which, of course, means Kiefer is coming back soon too.

And though, sadly, we still don’t think we can get him as our actual President (we can’t, right? Someone checked?), we can at least get him back in our TV screens in a consistent manner, and that’s good enough for now.

Though the trailer doesn’t say much – and when has this show given us actual information about anything? – the little we can see is enough to gather that our favorite fictional President isn’t exactly going to be relaxing in the White House.

But then again, that would be boring, wouldn’t it?

Check out the first trailer for Designated Survivor Season 2 here, and then share your hopes and dreams for the season in our comments below!

Designated Survivor Season 3 premieres September 27th at 19/9c on ABC.

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