Breaking Down ‘Designated Survivor’ Episode “Lazarus”

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I missed last weeks Designated Survivor, because I was out of town. It was hard for me to miss, because I am obsessed with this show. Every week I sit here, wondering what is going to happen and when we will find out who we can trust.

Like I wanna trust Emily and Aaron, but I can’t trust either one. I feel like Emily is too good to be true and that makes me not trust her. Aaron – well, he’s up to too much shady shit and I still haven’t moved past the hair issues.

What can I say? I am petty.

This weeks episode was entitled, “Lazarus.”

As President Kirkman considers candidates for Vice President, Kimble Hookstraten finds herself embroiled in scandal. Agent Wells and Jason Atwood return from North Dakota with a critical new lead while journalist Abe Leonard’s investigation takes an unexpected turn.

Let’s break it down.

JUST CAUSE YOU THINK SOMEONE IS DEAD: Ok, so Hannah and Jason found out that Lazaro is still alive. I mean I am just as confused as you are, cause I thought that the FBI killed him at the storage space. But as usual, nothing is as it seems. See, that apparently was a decoy and someone was able to switch their dental records and finger prints in the national database. Turns out Lazaro didn’t leave the building from which the assassination attempt took place until 21 hours after the assassination attempt. Real great job law enforcement who cleared the scene.

BILLS, BILLS, VP: So the President got his Gun Control bill to pass, which meant that he was really thankful to Hookstraten. He gives her the first pen that he signed the bill with and you knew that it was building to something. He asked her if she wanted to be VP – he believed that they were able to cross party lines and that my friends was good politics.

BOWMAN OBVIOUSLY HAS A SMALL PENIS: A man who has to exert that much to prove that he is something, is really insecure about something. It’s like dude, calm the fuck down. He takes a meeting with one of Hookstraten’s old aides and it’s made to look as though Hookstraten approved military aide for gifts.

AARON RUNS THIS TOWN: The thing is, Aaron may have some bad hair and he’s untrustworthy, but he wants to stand up for whomever he is working for. He’s done just that, trying to figure out who fed the story to Politico. But what he finds out is that Bowman isn’t responsible.

IS THERE TURKISH DELIGHT FOR HOOKSTRATEN: So since we know that it wasn’t Bowman who came out with the story, it was Hookstraten’s old aide Price. Since the ethics committee has called to meet on Hookstraten’s Turkey issues. But she calls Price in and calls him out for the snake he is. She reminds him that she has evidence that he took money from lobbyists and has given it to Bowman.

RICH DUDE HAS ISSUES: Everything keeps coming back to Browning Reed, which is shocking, but not. Hannah decides that she needs to meet the CEO and dude has issues. He’s angry and he’s bitter. But he says something that is in the manifesto that she got her hands on last week. Dude is dangerous. We haven’t seen the end of him.

HANNAH GOT A NEEDLE: So, Hannah went back to her shady ass motel that she was staying at and realized that someone had been in her room. So she hightails it down the stairs, but as she starts to open the door to her car, someone comes behind her, and injects something into her neck. Yup, she’s been kidnapped.

TELL ME WHY I CARE ABOUT THIS PERSON: I know, I know… there is a traitor. But here’s what pisses me off about Designated Survivor this week – the traitor wasn’t anyone I cared about. That made me not be invested that the traitor is the Head of Homeland Security. He however is behind Hannah’s kidnapping.

So ya…



Designated Survivor airs Wednesdays on ABC.


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