‘Supernatural’ 12×19 Review: Castiel Sees The Future & Forgets That Ohana Means Family

At the core of Supernatural’s The Future, and the show in it’s entiretyis this concept of family. It’s the heart of the show. But sometimes (a lot of times) it gets weighed down by people not trusting each other enough to include them in their plans.

Sacrifice might seem like an easy and often memorable plot device, but it’s been 12 seasons. Time to try something new, work together, and brew up some different kind of drama that doesn’t leave me rolling my eyes and muttering, “Here we go again.”

Have a Little Faith in the Winchesters, Castiel

I’m a little disappointed with Castiel. Don’t get me wrong, I missed him loads and questioned why he was taking so long in heaven. Still I’m disappointed in him. He lied, stole, and tried to kill Kelly Kline so he could have a win for the Winchesters. Only problem is, that I feel like it contradicts with what he said earlier on in the season. Remember those rousing speeches warning the Winchesters not to go in half cocked to save the other because the world needs every last Winchester? Remember when he told them how they were his family and how they’d changed his life?

I think Castiel doesn’t understand that the world needs him, that the Winchesters need him, and that he’s changed their lives for the better. I don’t think he realizes how worth while he is or how much the Winchesters have his back. I don’t think he realizes how much he is loved and that makes me so damn sad. He’s so willing to sacrifice their relationship and his life to protect them, that he doesn’t see how devastated they’d be without him.

Ohana means family, Castiel. Ohana means no one gets left behind when they feel lost, like they have failed, or have nothing left to live for. Dean and Sam are your family. Let them carry some of that weight and stop pushing them away or stealing their stuff for their own protection. Because we all know how those scenarios end: feelings get hurt and people die.

Dean’s Anger Comes from a Place of Love

Dean McBrooding Winchester has a long line of people that he’s felt have abandoned him. And I think the anger that he was experiencing in this episode towards Castiel came from that place of abandonment. He’s hurt that Castiel didn’t trust him enough to keep him in the loop on what he was doing in heaven, that he went to the angels instead of the Winchesters in the first place, and that he saw their struggle and didn’t help them. Blend that all together and you’ve got the makings of an angsty Winchester or fic.

This Winchester isn’t innocent of taking things into his own hands in order to protect his family. I just thought we’d reached a point in season 12 where we were shedding that old trope. I thought throwing yourself in the line of fire for the other was going to be pushed to the wayside and we were going to see people working together for a change. Because of that I’m a bit disappointed with the writers too. It’s a good trope but been there done that. Give me some new stuff.

On a side note, I’ve never shipped Destiel or seen what shippers saw in them besides friendship. It took me 12 seasons to see it. When Cas came to talk to Dean I found myself taking pause and understanding how these moments can be interpreted in a romantic sense. There is a strong bond between this human and angel and if people want to ship them, go ahead! Maybe in the fanfic version of this scene they actually hug like I wanted them to.

Kelly Kline’s Choices

No one has it as bad as Kelly Kline right now. Girl has heaven and hell vying for the child she is carrying, with a set of preconceived notions about who he is and what he’ll do once he’s out in the world. No one’s worrying about Kelly. In fact they’re all ready to just let her die, the demons, and kill her along with the kid cuz it’s easier, the angels.

Kelly’s choice to kill herself was one of desperation. If I were in her shoes I don’t know what I’d do or if I’d make a different choice. She was protecting herself, her child, and the people that he’d supposedly kill if he was born. It was an act of mercy. Keeping htat all in mind, her sudden change of heart after being brought to life has to be taken with a grain of salt. I get that she had a vision of the future and that her baby spoke to her, but from my point of view, it seems a bit suspicious.

She could be right and the nephilim could be good, but I always take caution when unborn children speak to their mothers or imbue them with powers that they can use in the real world. It speaks of a higher intelligence that we’ve never experienced before and one we should be cautious (not kill her instantly) about. But I’ve had Kelly’s back, most of this journey, and I don’t plan on checking out now because I do believe that when it comes to nature vs nurture, I’ll always choose the latter.

This baby could lift the world and not destroy it.

Additional Notes:
  1. I can’t believe Kelly stole Baby. That’s truly unforgivable.
  2. I also can’t believe Dagon took away the Colt aka Baby #2.
  3. Why do people keep stealing Dean’s stuff?
  4. Dagon is the best. She waited for an entrance. Dramatic as hell. To bad she’s gone now. I always love the female villains.
  5. If the sandbox is the portal to heaven….THEN WHY DIDN’T THE ANGELS COME DOWN AS BACKUP OR TO KILL KELLY? What am I missing? Is it like the Barbie elevator in the Dream House with limited space?
Favorite Scene from The Future:

You don’t just give anyone a mixtape…

P.S. I need to know what’s on ‘Dean’s Top 13 Zepp Traxx’.


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