Supernatural 12×16 Review: Ladies Drink Free

Claire Novak returns in Supernatural’s ‘Ladies Drink Free’ just in time for teenage werewolf drama. She manages to bring out the protective sides of the Winchesters and make us wonder if they’d be good dads if they ever settled down. The answer is yes.

Meanwhile, baby hunter Mick, who swears up and down that he’s got what it takes because of his family digs and school, fumbles through a job and kills an innocent. The facade that the British Men of Letters (BMOL) tried to portray after Toni Bevell, and that Mary has now accepted, is slowly starting to crack before our very eyes.

The Winchesters can see it and so can we.

Wayward Daughters

The return of Claire Novak is a glaring reminder that The CW has a gold mine of fantastic, capable, demanding, comedic, and badass female characters. And while I love when they guest star now and again, they deserve their own time on screen. I’m talking about a spin-off here.

The CW had an opportunity back in Season 9 to open the door for a spin-off but failed to grab the sort of attention it needed with it’s lack luster mob-like monsters of Chicago. So why not grab up characters like Claire and Jody and start a Supernatural spin-off with these ladies at the forefront?

Supernatural has one of the most passionate fanbases I’ve ever seen and the concept of Wayward Daughters, the proposed title, is an eagerly talked about and loved concept. (If you haven’t looked up that term look it up and join in!) So if you have the fans and if you have the developed characters, what’s the hold up?

Having a spin-off won’t take away from the mother show. If anything think of the possibilities. Someone like Claire bring back old fans and bring on new ones who have never connected to the two brothers but would connect to a pair of sisters. Or a mother and daughter? Or just a bunch of women supporting each other while they fight the things that go bump in the night.

Wayward Daughters is the Supernatural spin-off we need.

Sam, Dean, and Their Chosen Family

Despite the lack of a stable upbringing and parental guidance, Sam and Dean are some of the most loving and caring people that you’ll ever see on TV. This episode, like many before it, proved it once more.

In Ladies Drink Free they looked out for Claire. And they didn’t do this in the way that other shows do it by benching the woman because she’s…well, a girl. They encouraged Claire! They tagged along with her, comforted her, and went on a limb for her based on her choices. They respect her, love her, and treat her like the little sister or daughter they never had.

They do this not because they owe her a debt or are watching out for her because of Jody. They care for Claire because she’s a part of their family.

Over 12 seasons, Sam and Dean have proved time and time again that family isn’t just blood. It’s the people that you meet along the way. The people who stand up for you, laugh with you, comfort you, support you, and encourage you. That’s family and the Winchesters have that in people like Claire, Jody, Castiel, and countless others who have tragically passed.

Stop Trying to Make Mick Happen!

A Supernatural review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the BMOL. Ladies Drink Free is trying to pull the rug out from underneath me and make me understand Mick. They’re trying to make him go through a revelation, a change of heart. And I refuse. I need more.

Mick killed a young and innocent girl without giving her a chance. He wrote her off as if she didn’t have a family, a life, or any experiences. He did help Claire, there’s no denying that. But if you’re going to try to make me believe that Mick has started to change, I need more than just a spark and Sam & Dean giving him a second chance..

The BMOL of letters continue to prove that they are the monsters in the story. Their books and Harry Potter style school has taught them that there is no humanity worth saving in turned humans or those beings that are different from them. They’re cold, harsh, and have lost sight of what a real hunter is.


Sam & Dean mentioned Garth to Mick. And since I don’t trust him as far as I can throw him, I’m inexplicably worried that that adorable weirdo could be hurt by the faux hunter Mick and his merry men, the BMOL. And what’s to say Mick didn’t put a tracker on Claire or in her car because she’s apparently a werewolf “miracle”?

I want to rage about how I’ll jump into this TV and wage war against the BMOL if they go after Garth or Claire, but I think Sam and Dean would have that covered, e.g. Dean threatening Mick. The chinks are appearing in the BMOL. It’s only a matter of time until the Winchesters realize that the BMOL are the monsters who should be taken care of…

Additional Notes:
  1. Where in the hell is Castiel?
  2. They should’ve called Jody. If Claire feels like Jody is her mom, can you imagine what Jody feels? It’s not black and white, and I get that Sam & Dean wanted to make sure that they’d exhausted all possibilities before calling her because Jody knows what it feels like to lose a child, but they should’ve told her.
  3. Claire being sassy with Sam in the car reminded me of Charlie being sassy to Dean. I miss her.
  4. Dean getting excited about a 3-star hotel made me sad. It made me think about the shabby, yet grand, life they’ve led and the wacky rooms that have given them shelter along the way. The Winchesters deserve the best things in life and more for what they have done for this world. Never forget that.
Favorite Moment from Ladies Drink Free:

Claire calling Sam a ‘skeezer’ and the surprised look on Sam’s face was priceless.

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural titled ‘The British Invasion’:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/9c on The CW.

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