Check out the Wynonna Earp Season 2 Trailer!

Wynnona Earp is back! Season 2 now has an official premiere date, and I, for one, am super excited. The show will drop on June 9th and the trailer looks pretty bad-ass.

Check it out here!

Like…whoa, right?!

For those of you just coming to the series, Wynonna Earp is a supernatural series based off the IDW comic book written by Beau Smith. The titular character, Wynonna, is the granddaughter of Wyatt Earp who fights to take down Revenants, demons that consist of criminals long dead. The show premiered on the Syfy channel on April 1, 2016, and stars Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Shamier Anderson, and Dominique Provost-Chalkley. Emily Andras produces.

We’re excited to announce coverage on the show, as well as some rewinds now that the show is officially on Netflix. There will be reviews here to catch up for season 1, then once the show starts the new season each week will have a new review. Check out the first season with me, and then gear up for a new season of demon hunting, strong female characters, and sass that just won’t die!

Wynonna Earp Season 2 premieres June 9th on SyFy.

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