Wynonna Earp SDCC 2016 Interview: Melanie Scrofano

Wynonna Earp is the journey of a young woman finding herself according to Melanie Scrofano.

Throughout the first season we get to know Wynonna. We see how lost she is, how reluctant she is to come home and take responsibility for what is her destiny, and how she eventually tells destiny to go and shove it despite how messy everything is in her life.

We got a chance to talk with Melanie Scrofano, who plays Wynonna Earp, about her character’s journey, her relationship with her sisters, and what’s to come next season! (Season 2 renewal was announced after the press room interviews.)

When Willa appears and then disappears, it throws everything back into the air for Wynonna. “I think in the end, she’s finally sort of accepted who she is, and has decided who she is. (But) when Willa is taken from her again, it throws all the balls up in the air again.”

It speaks to how this show isn’t afraid to take chances because life isn’t perfect and our journeys aren’t linear. It’s a rollercoaster ride with ups and downs that flesh out characters like Wynonna. It’s the same formula that’s been used for characters like Jessica Jones and Sarah Manning.

“I feel like the most inspiring, toughest women, that I know, are also the most infuriatingly fucked up people.” We still are asked to hide the imperfections and act like we are part of a group whose perfect, lithe, and gets up early in the morning to run (which Melanie questions who the hell does that?) But women like Wynonna, Jessica, and Sarah are part of a wave of realistic and honest portrayals of women who are saving the world while trying to fix their own issues.

They’re not perfect and that makes them even more relatable.

At the heart of the show is Wynonna’s relationship with her little sister Waverly. “It was a complicated relationship to start. I think they weren’t close as children. They didn’t hate each other but they weren’t like Wynonna and Willa.” Wynonna cast Waverly aside as children, cast her aside when she left Purgatory, and then somehow fell into building their relationship, for what she felt like was the first time in their lives.

What they’ve built will change when Wynonna finds out that Waverly isn’t an Earp.

“I think it’s gonna get even messier if Wynonna finds out about that because she’s already lost one sister (Willa.) Now she’s created this bond that she never had with the new one (Waverly.) Who does she have left?”

To find out more about how Melanie Scrofano thinks Wynonna would handle the shift in her family and a little tease about her relationship with Dolls and Doc next season, check out the rest of the interview below!

Wynonna Earp returns for it’s second season in 2017 on SyFy.

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