5 Things We Learned from the Wynonna Earp Panel at SDCC

Couldn’t attend San Diego Comic Con? Afraid of those crazy lines and Pokemon Go players clogging up the sidewalks? No fear Earpers! We’re here to rescue you and tell you all about the Wynonna Earp panel.

1. Season 2 of Wynonna Earp is happening!

After an awkward love declaration for Melanie Scrofano’s burrito, the actress screamed out that they Wynonna Earp was coming back for a second season. It will be returning in 2017 for 10 episodes. Maybe Melanie’s burrito love will make an appearance.

2. The female characters came from Executive Producer Emily Andras heart.

When she was developing Wynonna, Waverly, Willa, and Nicole she wasn’t ticking off boxes for female BAMF’s. She was bringing to life real women that had lived in her mind for too long. And we love her it!

3. One man isn’t enough for Wynonna.

Tim Rozon, who plays Doc Holiday, teased that maybe they should merge Dolls and Doc because one man isn’t enough for the Earp heir. After looking at Melanie he changed his tune and said that Wynonna doesn’t even need a man. She’s independent and needs no man!

4. Doc is petrified of Snapchat.

He’s a man out of time who’s not afraid to fight Revenants or the Stone Witch. But throw a cellphone or Snapchat at him and he’s L-O-S-T! Season one we saw him try to conquer driving that hideous car. Maybe in season two we’ll see him open a Facebook account and cause all sorts of trouble when he keeps ‘checking in’ his location.

5. Dominique inspired someone to come out to their family.

Waverly’s sexual awakening and relationship with Nicole Haught has been central to this Earp’s journey in season one. Not so surprisingly, this honest portrayal gave a viewer the courage to be honest with themselves and their family by coming out as gay.

Wynonna Earp returns for a second season on Syfy in 2017.

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