The Vampire Diaries SDCC Interview: Candice King

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If there is anyone that I have grown to love over the seasons of The Vampire Diaries, it’s Caroline Forbes. If there is a character that I have seen go through the ups and downs and still fight, never give up, and be the type of the woman that I would want to be – that’s Caroline.

And that’s why I was excited at the prospect of talking with Candice King.

It was announced at this years Comic Con that it would be The Vampire Diaries last season and that leaves so many people with the question – who will Caroline be with? In a show that has been dominated with the question of the Stelena or Delena ship – one that is equally as important to the fans – Steroline or Klaroline?

But that would mean after the end, would Caroline move over to The Originals, “No, I don’t think it would make sense for the character.”

We heard the Klaroline fandom collectively sigh. But even she knows about the Klaroline fans determination, “I love it, the Karoline fans are going strong.”

But then what about that rumored June wedding of Steroline. Well, we’ve been told we’d have to wait and see, but Candice reminded us that is actually a line from the pilot. So will there be a wedding? We don’t know.

But what does she hope for the end, for Carolines journey, “I hope that she’s tested and she comes out on top. I hope she shows strength. I hope she learns humility and I hope that she finds love. I just want the happy ending for her.”

So do we Candice, so do we.

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