Supernatural Review 12×18 Review: The Memory Remains

Ask and you shall receive. Last week, I was left wondering and worrying why I couldn’t understand what the Winchesters were doing this season. Supernatural‘s ‘The Memory Remains’ delivered on that question and gave me a completely different view of Season 12 so far.

This episode also proved how much of a creeper Ketch is. You don’t just steal a photo from the woman you slept with once and that you occasionally hunt with. One, Dean is totally going to realize something’s off when he sees that it’s gone. Two, TV law requires that Mary find that photo! That’s a mess waiting to happen.

As for the goat sacrificing. Ehhh, no one really cares for that. It was just a means to an end. The Winchesters aren’t the craziest family out there and now the brothers know it.

The Winchester Legacy

There’s something so sad, yet beautiful, about Sam and Dean discussing their legacy. They started out with little to nothing but a stunning Impala and a grieving father. Along the way they learned how to survive, how to depend on each other, and how to hunt. They’ve saved the world countless times, changed people’s lives, and left a mark that no one will ever be able to erase.

Sam and Dean Winchester are known by Gods, by Death, demons, and Lucifer himself. They’re a force to be reckoned with and not one of those supernatural beings will forget how the Winchesters bested them time and time again. In fact, I bet they’ll compare every hunter that comes after, to the Winchesters.

The Winchesters facing this question of their legacy also grounds and humanizes their story. It helps us connect to them in a way I’ve never done before and I bet others haven’t either. Like the Winchesters we fight day in and day out, wondering what the hell we’re doing and if it’s worth it, without REALLY realizing how much we’ve changed people’s lives or left the world in a better place than what we found it in.

On a side note, let’s not forget the fangirls/fanboys inside of the actual Supernatural world. They’ll never forget Sam and Dean or their flowing locks and bulging pecs. We fans never give up, never surrender, when it comes to the fandom we love.

It’s Time to Unite the American Hunters

If the British Men of Letters (BMOL) have taught me anything it’s to give British guys with awesome stubble (like the one above) a second chance and that the American hunters need to unite. Not just to act as a force against the BMOL invasion but to start building on a legacy to protect America.

One day Sam and Dean will die. I know that sentence hurts but it’s true. And what’s going to happen to the bunker? What’s going to happen to all that knowledge that they could’ve shared with other hunters and the next generation to come after it? Now is the time for Supernatural to think about that future. The Winchesters have left a legacy of badassery and heroism that will never be forgotten. But they need to start thinking about the next generation of hunters.

There have always been other hunters out there, family members that the Winchesters have depended on throughout the seasons, but they’ve been scattered. It’s time to train and to fill the bunker with people that will hunt the things that go bump in the night when the Winchesters are busy or not capable. I know it won’t be easy and I know that the BMOL invasion of privacy might flush Sam and Dean out of there, but it’s time to think about who they’re going to hand the reins over to when they’re gone.

Personally, I miss connections like the one Dean and Sam had with Kevin and Charlie. And I know that Jody and so many other wonderful people are still around, but I’m looking for consistency. I’m looking for a new generation that is being training by the best, the Winchesters, and that we can see grow right before our eyes.

Is Ketch Having a Change of Heart?

Is Ketch in love with Mary Winchester? Because that’s the only reason I could think of to explain why he stole a picture of her with a young Dean. It’s super creepy and Mary will most certainly find out, but i’s a sign that there’s love/affection/admiration growing inside of Ketch and I think it’s freaking him out.

The hold that the BMOL have on Ketch is stronger than that of Mick. Luckily for the Winchesters, he’s starting to understand that American hunters are not untrained animals that need to be put down just because they don’t want to play the way that the BMOL do. American hunters are talented, hard working, unstoppable forces that want to protect people.

Ketch will be tested in the next couple of episodes. He will be forced to face himself, years of training, and tradition and ask if it’s all worth while? My bet, the answer will be no. Don’t be a low rent Christian Bale or whatever they expect of you Ketch. Be better and do what’s right.

Favorite Scene from Supernatural’s ‘The Memory Remains’:

I’m trying to tell myself I WOULD be able to resist Dean Winchester and his cheesy lines…but that’d make me a liar!

Check out the trailer for Supernatural‘s next episode:

Supernatural returns Thursday, April 27th at 8/9c on The CW.

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