Supernatural 12×15 Review: Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Supernatural’s ‘Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell’ was a deceptively “basic” episode that used blasts from the past via hellhounds, sexy glasses, the Winchesters, an ex crossroads demon, and Lucifer himself, to make you believe that it was nothing but a filler episode.  

The reveal that the British Men of Letters (BMOL) provided essential information for the hunt ended up being the foul stench we could feel creeping just out of touch the entire episode. Seems like we’re only going to fall deeper in with the most hated group of hunters on Supernatural.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell also saw the return of Castiel. I can’t help but feel like this angel is getting side-lined for other characters. This season of Supernatural has shifted gears to be a more grounded hunter story with hints of what made this show such a stand out in the very beginning.

Nevertheless, we have to remember that just because this season’s focus has shifted, doesn’t mean we can put aside any elements that have kept it going for 12 seasons.

Working for the Enemy

Most of this episode was spent wondering why the dreaded filler episode had reared it’s head once more. Surprise, surprise, that this episode proved to be essential in getting Dean Winchester to play nice with the Men of Letters.

I hate the Men of Letters. Their pompous, all-knowing, conceited attitude grates on the nerves and makes me want usher them off my screen as soon as humanly possible. This hate becomes even more focused when they call themselves hunters as if they are on the same level as Dean or Sam.

No doubt they will learn how wrong they are in the coming episodes.

Loathe am I to admit it, but Dean’s acceptance of working with the BMOL makes sense. Dean’s a family man who holds high regard for his family’s opinion. If they say to give the jerks a chance then he will do just that, while keeping both eyes open and a weapon close at hand.

While they’ve worked with all sorts of evil before, the BMOL are at the top of my ‘Must Die’ list. Supernatural has always allowed a sort of distance to form when it comes to the concept of the ‘bad guy’ of the story in relation to the hero. The BMOL hit too close to home, and rank higher on my list, because they are human just like the brothers or you and I.

It makes you realize that truly anyone can be a monster.

Castiel, Honorary Winchester

The angels are not Castiel’s family no matter how they try to spin it or remind us that he has a past with them. Factions upon factions of them have abandoned, vilified, and torn into Castiel as if he were a stranger and not someone dear to them. They’re not his family.

When an angel calls you a brother in this show it practically doesn’t mean anything. It’s a just a name to identify those in the heavenly organization. Now if a Winchester says it, it’s a completely different matter. Dean and Sam are Castiel’s family. They have made his life better, helped him discover who he is, and have had his back when his “brothers” abandoned him.

There is but one explanation for why the angels have sought out Castiel. They can feel the magnitude of the shit storm coming their way in the form of Lucifer’s child. And no matter how much they loathe Castiel’s presence or associates, they know that Castiel is one of the most courageous and powerfully capable angels they have.

With Castiel at their side the angels have a higher chance of winning.

As for Castiel agreeing to go back to heaven, he’s doing this for his family, the Winchesters. Of course he understands the magnitude of the situation and knows that Lucifer’s child needs to be dealt with before daddy gets a hold of the babe. But he’s not doing it for them. He’s doing it for Dean and Sam.

I don’t like the fact that he hid the truth from Dean and Sam, but isn’t that the most common trope in Supernatural? Family protects each other. Even if they have to skimp on the truth, making it inevitably harder in the long run for them, they do it out of love.

Lucifer is (Still) Exactly Where He Wants to Be

Crowley is so sure in his capability to keep this fallen angel down that he doesn’t see what’s happening before his eyes. It took a great force to lock Lucifer away the first time and he still got away because of the long standing loyalty of his followers and his never-ending patience. Those two things will serve him well in the coming weeks because Lucifer will get out.

He won’t give up because Crowley has inscribed runes in every atom of his body or because the former crossroads demon says he’s 10 steps ahead of Luci. The devil never stops. He waits, he parries, he lets you feel like you’re in control, and that inevitably leads you to hang yourself with your own words or actions.

He’s a master manipulator who has been at this for a long time and Crowley can’t compare. Nevertheless, kudos to Crowley for playing this game with Lucifer, challenging, and entertaining him while his minion protects his progeny and he works on getting his kingdom back.

It’s only a matter of time until Lucifer is back in charge, Crowley is scrambling to stay relevant, and the Winchesters have to defeat him. Again.

Favorite Moment from Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell:

As much as I wanted to include every single scene with Dean & Sam in glasses, as my favorite moment, the surprise Negan shoutout wins!

Dad would’ve loved this bat!

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural titled ‘Ladies Drink Free’:

Supernatural returns March 30th at 8/7c on The CW.

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