Supernatural 12×17 Review: The British Invasion

Supernatural‘s ‘The British Invasion’ saw the beginning of the end for the relationship between the Winchesters and the British Men of Letters (BMOL), the return of Eileen Leahy and Kelly Kline, and the surprise death of Mick Davies. Honestly I’m still a little in shock at the last one there.

Mick’s death is a declaration of war against American hunters. The BMOL just don’t know it yet and are under the delusion they can just exterminate them.

In the grand scheme of things, the Winchester brothers have faced many a frightening creature, demon, and angel. No matter what, they always come out on top and survive. Sure they might die a couple times, lose their soul, and/or be brought back to life. But they make it.

They are the survivors. They are the good that protects this world. Not the BMOL with their fancy gadgets and pomp.

I’ve Got a Problem with Sam & Dean

You know how in Dirty Dancing, Patrick Swayze says, “Nobody puts Baby in the corner.” Well I’m Patrick Swayze, minus the amazing dancing skills, and Dean & Sam are Baby. Supernatural has put them in a corner and I’m left wondering why.

For example, patiently I’ve been waiting for more mother/son moments. I understand that Mary needs time to adjust to this world. But Mary was a big hole in their lives and they have her back. Why bring her back if you’re going to neglect to give us more time with all three of them?

Is it because the writers think we’ll tire of the Winchesters getting to know their mom? Is it because they think that it will bring the angst quota down if they make Sam and Dean work out some issues with their mom? Newsflash, you can still have quality drama/angst without separating the Winchesters.

Furthermore, I’ve been noticing that week after week I’ve been analyzing what everyone else is doing. What the guest stars are doing, what the BMOL are doing, what Mary is doing, what everyone is doing besides Sam and Dean. It’s taken me this long to realize that I don’t really know what journey they’re on this season and I’m not ok with that.

Supernatural started off strong with Sam & Dean trying to figure out what it meant now that their mother was back and how they were going to deal with these new hunters. But what else? What’s driving them to keep going lately besides keeping the BMOL in check on their turf and Supernatural using them as a comparison between American and British hunters? *insert shrug here*

With 6 episodes left this season, it’s time for Supernatural to get back on track and show me what these two are fighting for or what their journey is really about in Season 12.

Mick Davies, We Could’ve Had It All

You mean to tell me…you made me like Mick…for 2.5 seconds…TO KILL HIM OFF?! We need to have a talk about this. TV law dictates that people like Mick deserve a redemption arc. How dare you show tidbits of his tragic past and him hanging out with Sam & Dean? I was just getting to see past the fancy coat and vanity and then…nothing.

Mick is gone, just when I started to like him. Bet the TV gods who write these laws are laughing at me now. I was duped.

Characters like Mick get the redemption. With the dedication they’ve placed into his storyline I could feel it coming. And as angry as I am for Supernatural ending Mick…I love that they took the risk. They took a character that I had deep mistrust for and made me care for him just enough that I’m sitting here ranting to you now.

Mick’s death was tragic, yes, but it was also inspiring. Despite his training and everything he’d learned from Kendrick’s, he rebelled. He accepted that maybe he wasn’t right and stood up for the Winchesters despite knowing that his people might not accept it. Or maybe he knew that his death was already set and he wanted to speak his truth before he was killed.

Either way, Mick was willing to change and understand the Winchesters. Maybe he’s not the only one?

Kelly Kline and Her Nephilim Child

Supernatural has been precariously balancing itself on a knifes edge when it comes to Kelly Kline’s pregnancy. On one hand, they make sure to express that her child will destroy her and bring pain and destruction to the world at large. But on the other hand, they give Kelly scenes to express her independence and the ownership she has of her own body.

And since I’m not currently living in the world of Supernatural, I have to agree with Kelly on this. This is her body. She’s carrying around this baby. Not Sam, Dean, or Mick. She is. And Lucifer’s got another thing coming if he thinks she’s just a “container.” She’s a mother and this is her child. She should decide what happens to him/her.

Everyone is scared of nephilim simply because they don’t understand them. They have persecuted them from the start as abominations because they are frightened of the power they hold. Instead of shunning them (Metatron & all angel kind) and killing them (remember Jane?), they could accept them as one of their own. Crazy idea, right?! Once again Supernatural proves that Angels are just as pessimistic and frightened as the rest of us are.

Back to Kelly. My hope is for her to survive all of this and give her kid a chance to be something more than her/his father’s DNA. This season has made a point that not all supernatural creatures are bad. Why can’t it be true with Kelly’s child?

Additional Notes:
  1. I find myself asking this question week after week but…WHERE IS CASTIEL?! I know he’s got “angel” business going on, and I love the guest stars we’ve had, but Cas is family. Unless he’s ignoring Dean’s calls because he’s in trouble?
  2. Baby BMOL had it coming. Nothing good comes from boasting about how top of the class you are, especially when we now know the lengths you went to get there.
  3. Yes, Mary Winchester. You can have the work, play, and family. But Ketch? Really? Mixing business with pleasure is never a good thing. I have to ask again, Ketch? There’s no way she hasn’t caught on how cut throat, obedient, and deadly this man is. Unless…she’s getting close to him for information. If so, go Mary! If not, back away slowly…
  4. The return of Eileen Leahy makes me crave Wayward Daughters even more. How many times are we going to have to say it, wish it, pray it, until we see badass women like this fighting demons, angels, and the things that go bump in the night, Winchester style?
  5. This hunters return also gave me a craving for Eileen and Sam making puppy eyes at each other. Don’t act like you didn’t feel it!
  6. If the code of the British Men of Letters…didn’t they just break the biggest one by killing one of their own?
Favorite Moment from The British Invasion:

The flirtation between Eileen and Sam was real & strong in this episode. She knew about Kelly Kline, meaning that her and Sam talk often. They shared some drinks, had each others backs, and had that hug at the end after she killed Baby BMOL. There’s something between them and I hope Supernatural explores it!

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode of Supernatural entitled ‘The Memory Remains’:

Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/9c on The CW.

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