‘Schmigadoon!’ Gets the Razzle Dazzle Treatment in Season 2 Trailer

Farewell, Schmigadoon! Hello, Schmicago! The Apple TV+ musical comedy series returns with a new setting in season 2.

Dove Cameron Talks About The Advice Selena Gomez Gave Her

When you’re starting a new job, you of course want all the tea and advice. For Dove Cameron, she was able to ask Selena Gomez for advice.

Dove Cameron Releases New Song, “Breakfast”

Dove Cameron has a new song out and well… breakfast may not be our favorite meal, but we love the song.

See The Poster For ‘Good Mourning’

We’re kinda ashamed we want to watch this movie. And then again, what’s there to be ashamed of.

‘Field Notes On Love’ Sets Its Leads

If there is one author you should be reading, it’s Jennifer E. Smith. Her book #FieldNotesOnLove is coming to the big screen

See the first official photo for The CW’s ‘Powerpuff’

The CW released its first promo photo for Powerpuff. We take a look and share our excitement for this new series!

Dove Cameron Talks About Starring In ‘Powerpuff’

i keep a lot of secrets and have signed a lot NDA’s, but I would always love to tell world everything. So I get you Dove. It’s hard.

‘Powerpuff’ Stars Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet and Yana Perrault Have An Instagram Live

We are looking forward to the live action show based off of #ThePowerpuffGirls. See the girls together on Dove’s Insta Live!

‘After We Collided’ Movie News: See The Official Trailer Release Date And More.

Everytime I think the After team can’t surprise us anymore, they prove me wrong.  Over the past several days we have been blessed with tons and tons of After We Collided movie content, and it just keeps getting better and…

Dove Cameron Got A Surprise From Fans

Dove Cameron is fast becoming one of my favorite people. She’s outspoken, honest, and really does her best to relate to her fans. She makes sure that her fans know that they are loved. Recently her and her boyfriend, Thomas…

‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ 5×11 Review: “All the Comforts of Home”

Everyone knows the old phrase “Be careful what you wish for….” Well for most of this season, our Agents have been wishing for a chance to go back to the present to change the future. “All the Comforts of Home”…

Dumplin’ Star Dove Cameron Gives Some Solid Advice On Twitter

Life is really fucking hard. Lets all admit it sometimes it’s really savage and a lot to handle. But at that point, let us also admit that we are all trying to do the same thing – live our lives.…

Dove Cameron Talks Learning A Texas Accent

Narrowing down movies that we are looking forward to is hard. But we will admit that Dumplin’ is one that we can’t wait for. Now, we had to admit that we’re learning more about Dove Cameron and she’s on our…