‘Krypton’ 1×09 Review: Woe, Destruction, Ruin and Decay

Here we are, on the next to last review of the first season of Krypton, and though I still don’t like this show one bit, or care about anyone or laughed at anything or had any reaction resembling human emotion while I watched this episode, I still feel sorta ….happy.

I survived. Or, I almost did. I’m almost free. And, it feels damn good.

About eight episodes ago I was sure Krypton was not the show for me. I’m not saying it’s not the show for anyone, taste is a very personal thing and the show has done nothing particularly offensive that would make me tell people to run for the hills. In fact, I have, at times, watched shows that have done worse things, objectively, than Krypton has done.

Here’s looking at you, Supergirl and Once Upon A Time.

But I quit those and never looked back, and I’ll be so happy to quit this and never, ever look back. I won’t miss a thing.

Curiously, last night I also had to review the season turned series finale of Designated Survivor, a show I used to love, but that lately has left me feeling lukewarm at best. But the main difference, and that’s something I’ve always tried to make clear in my Krypton reviews, is that on that show, I actually, at some point in time, cared about some characters, nay, most characters.

It’s way easier to forgive a show’s mistakes when they actually make you care. And way easier, and more fulfilling to write about a show you do like.

(Don’t believe me? Go check out my Timeless reviews)

So there’s no forgiveness for Kypton here, not from me. I had very high hopes for this show, that’s how I got into this mess to begin with, and I remember talking to people around the table at SDCC as we were interviewing the cast and seeing everyone go from meh to oooh this could be good.

None of those people I’ve talked to have continued watching the show. Unlike me, they were smart enough to not cover it. They could run away at the first sign of boredom, aka they could stop after the Pilot and I was trapped by my decisions.

I blame the fact that we didn’t get to see the Pilot during Preview Night last year at SDCC for all my misfortunes.

Wait, I’m supposed to talk about the episode, right? Things happened in the episode. I fell asleep 3 times, but I got through it.

(I didn’t actually fall asleep three times, but I wish I had. Maybe it would have made this better)

(Nothing could have made this better)

But I guess the episode ended in an interesting place that’s supposed to make me look forward to the finale? That seems to be the point?

(I don’t care)

Well, I do. I care about the fact that I don’t have to watch this show ever again after next week. So yay, that’s the good news. My torture is almost over.

You might, perhaps, care about the Lyta/Seg/Nyssa nonsense, and if you do, then all the more power to you. At least something is happening in your world. Though, to be fair, Nyssa has, IF POSSIBLE, even less chemistry with Seg than Lyta has, and that’s saying a lot.

(Chemistry is a subjective thing, yes. I know this. Thank you, again, for pointing out the obvious)

My point is …this is almost over. I still don’t care about anything other than that brilliant fact. Not about the love whatever, not about the family relationships, not about Black Zero and certainly not about Krypton’s Brainiac. I don’t even care about how this ends.

I just care that it does. Soon.

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SyFy.

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