‘Krypton’ 1×08 Review: Now Cracks a Noble Heart

I’ve gotten through these reviews making quips, and quoting Shakespeare and generally just hoping against hope that, at some point, there’d be something about the show that would catch my attention, something about the show I could connect to, something I could actually analyze.

Not love, no, that seemed like entirely too much to ask, but at least, you know, something to dissect.

Because that’s what I like. I like feeling TV to a point where I want to watch and re-watch, a point where I’m noticing the little things. I don’t like shading, and I don’t like telling you the same thing every week because I just can’t find anything else to say about this show.

Well, good news is – only two more episodes to go of this torture, for you AND me. Bad news, of course, is that this episode is more of the same.

Adam Strange’s quest to be a hero doesn’t interest me in the least, so of course, that’s wasted time. Awkward love triangle or whatever geometric shape this is supposed to be? Yeah, I don’t care about that either. If there was any chance of me actually caring, that ship sailed long ago (HAHAHA. SHIP. SAILED. HAHAHAHA). And Brainiac’s plans? Yeah, not really feeling that either.

Marginally happy Dev wasn’t actually dead, I’ll admit to that. Makes the romantic entanglements more complicated, but who actually cares about who anyone ends up with on this show.

On a bright note, or a not so dark note, at least, the women of Kyrpton continue to be the better written characters, something still so rare on TV that it deserves a mention. They’re not actively interesting in a way that makes me care, but on paper, they are formidable, and I can see people actually caring about some – if not all of them.

Look at me, finding something nice to say about this show? Aren’t you proud?

Don’t be too proud, because I’m going to ruin it.

With two episodes to go till the season (and most likely not series) finale, this show remains as mundane as when it started. I expected it to, at the very least, pick up the pace in the lead up to the final episode, that hasn’t really been the case. Problems come up, they’re sorta fixed and though yes, the plot is advancing, there’s no sense of urgency.

And, as we talked about, no stakes. It’s impossible to have stakes when you absolutely don’t care.

Surely the last two episodes deal heavily with Brainiac’s plans, whatever those might be. Surely everyone’s life will hang in the balance, or something. SURELY THE FATE OF KRYTON WILL DEPEND ON …something or other.

Yawn. Can we just get it over with so I can go back to the days when there was one show on SyFy on my consciousness and only one show.

Wynonna Earp, I miss you. Come back to me. Life is cold and miserable without you.

Reviewers note: Yes, I’m going to ride this Shakespeare wave till the end of the season. It’s about the only thing I’ve enjoyed. YOU CAN COME BE EDUCATED WITH ME. Or you can continue watching this show, if that’s your thing. I’m not one to judge, but I’d choose Shakespeare.

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