‘Krypton’ 1×05 Review: If it Be A Sin to Covet Honor

I’m gonna give it to Krypton, this episode explores some very interesting themes and shines a light on what this show has done best so far in its short run, which is provide us with complicated familial relationships.

That’s about all the good I’ve got to say about this episode, or the show in general.

Because yes, I enjoyed the Lyta/Jayna dynamics and I found myself actually paying attention to this episode, which, considering the first few episodes, should probably be considered a win, but that’s not really a high bar to set, is it?

Krypton is a show that works on paper, for me, more than it ever does on screen. Sure, some things seem compelling and the plot points that take you from A to B are interesting, but the character beats never resonate with me, the actors never manage to make me feel anything and the way the story is developing doesn’t really leave me wanting more.

In fact, I’ve begun my own countdown – a countdown towards the end of season 1. And I’m happy to say we’re halfway there.

This episode gives Jayna Zod a chance to shine, and boy, does she take it. The interesting thing about her is not that she doesn’t hesitate and quickly makes the choice to save her daughter, but that she does. She goes against everything she believes in, everything she’s ever known, just because she loves Lyta so much.

It’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

For someone who’s lived her life trying to be honorable, this is a real blow, and it sets up an even more interesting dichotomy going forward. Now, of course, she needs to pay and there’s a revolution coming. Problem is, Brainiac is involved, and they don’t even know it.

As for Seg and even Lyta, in this episode, I’m back to only marginally caring. Lyta is more interesting to me, and way more real, but Seg continues to just exist in these episodes in a way that makes it hard for me to connect. Even when he’s suffering, and I don’t know if this is a writing issue, an acting issue or both, I just don’t care.

Except when they’re together. I care marginally then. And hey, guess what Krypton did this episode? They gave us a ship moment! It’s almost like every show on TV understands that love is not a bad thing and it makes the world go round. Now, if only the fans would.

I still need more to do more than marginally care, though. A LOT more.

But hey, the cliffhanger gives me hope that, at some point, I might?

We shall see. Hope hasn’t really served me well before when it comes to this show.

Other things to note:

  • Isn’t it weird how this is Krypton and we’re supposed to be rooting for the House of El, but with every episode that passes I feel more and more drawn to the House of Zod?
  • Visually, this show continues to be stunning. And A+ to the wardrobe department for managing to construct a look that I now equate to Krypton.
  • Seg, my love, where is your charm? WHERE?

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SyFy.

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