‘Krypton’ 1×04 Review: Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here

Last week, I told you to stop watching Krypton while you could. I might have spoken too soon.

Because, though this is far from a brilliant episode – the first few minutes were a drag and every time the story-line moved away from what was happening to Lyta and Seg’s reactions I remembered why I didn’t really like this show – the time they spent focused on, not just Lyta and Seg, but the feelings that, apparently, do exist between them, the show was about as close to fulfilling its promise as it’s ever been.

It’s almost like I was right, and this show needed a ship, or hell, an emotional connection of some kind – any kind – to actually thrive.

“A Krypton without Lyta isn’t worth saving,” says Seg, at some point in this episode, and this is literally more emotion than he’s expressed about anything in this entire show. What’s even more important, when Cameron Cuffe yells these words at Adam Strange, something very, very …well, strange, happened to me.

I realized I believed him.

Yes, I’m as surprised as you are.

Another person who became, actually interesting in this episode, was Nyssa, who’d had flashes before, and who I appreciated a lot as more than another part of the typical love triangle, but who now looks way more interesting, and dangerous, than Daddy Dearest. She knows how to play the game, after all, and she knows that power is something better wielded from the shadows.

So, yes, what I said last week? It’s not on hold, per se, as much as it needs to be revised a bit. This is still not a great show, and I’m still not exactly jumping from joy at the thought of watching it, or even feeling any kind of anticipation, but they’re closer than they were last week. Problem is, this is still episode 4 of a 10 episode season, and honestly, as it stands, if I didn’t have to review this show, I would not be watching it.

But hey, at least I didn’t fall asleep this time! Let’s rejoice at the small miracles, and hope that Seg is actually walking towards something interesting, that everyone makes all the wrong choices and that Lyta and Seg get some actual scenes together, since that’s about the only time this show manages to make me care even a tiny bit.

I’ll report back next week. For now, I at least have to admit this. It was much better. Doesn’t mean it was great, or even good, but it was better. That’s something.

Other things to note:

  • How many times have I seen the “which one” and then when the guy picks the woman just drops whatever she’s wearing and gets dressed in front of him scene? HOW.MANY.TIMES? It’s not cute, it’s not sexy and it certainly serves no purpose other than objectify women. Let’s do better.
  • Lyta’s mom is on the verge of becoming interesting, and considering her choices, I think she’s going to choose the interesting side.
  • Praise be.
  • The Voice of Rao already sucked WITHOUT adding this final twist. But hey, since Krypton is not doing so well with telling the political story, I’m not going to complain about them merging the two storylines.
  • Val-El, you are SO BORING.
  • Adam, you are marginally less boring, but still.

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SyFy.

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