‘Krypton’ 2×10 Review: ‘The Alpha and The Omega”

We’ve made it to the end of season 2 and it has been one hell of a ride! This series was so good in their first season but season 2 has completely knocked it out of the stratosphere. We still don’t know the verdict on a possible season 3 but I’m really hoping we get news on that soon. Especially after that ending, am I right? Let’s jump right in!

Lyta takes charge

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As soon as she found out that Wegthor was destroyed, Lyta wasted no time in taking charge of the Resistance. She quickly came up with a plan and showed the leadership skills she’d honed as Primus. Of course, she was operating on autopilot because she really did believe the Resistance was gone but lucky for her, they weren’t.

As soon as the survivors from Wegthor arrived back on Krypton, Lyta’s plan was set into motion.

And it was a damn good plan. The only problem is that by the time they were ready to go, Zod had already learned that there were traitors in his army.

Nyssa’s side mission

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When I first realized Nyssa would be sitting out the big battle of the season, I was so annoyed. I completely understand her wanting to find her son but honestly, in the finale, that mission could’ve probably waited.

Now, I’m so damn glad they gave her on her own story-line because her side mission probably just introduced the biggest bad in the entire DC Universe. Did you all recognize that symbol Nyssa found?

The Omega Symbol

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That’s right! Nyssa found Darkseid’s Omega symbol drawn in blood on the side of a cliff. And the marking was fresh. As soon as she did, we saw parademons flying in formation overhead making it seem like Darakseid was conquering Rann. Some fans who watched the episode think that Nyssa might have actually landed on Thanagar instead of Rann though. The two planets are very close to one another in the same sector, so it’s not exactly that far fetched of a theory. If that is the case, then those shadows we saw might have actually been Thanagarians flying overhead. But the Omega symbol being featured so prominently is what makes me think they were parademons instead, and that the show is teasing the arrival of Darkseid.

Sure, season 3 might be a little soon to tease their ultimate villain. He’s DC’s version of Thanos (but better). It took Smallville ten seasons to bring him in, and other DC shows have never even mentioned him. But hear me out. This could either be the smartest thing they’ve ever done or the dumbest. They could do with Darkseid what Zack Snyder intended all along. They could continue to tease his presence throughout the series either until they actually bring him in or they could end the series giving Darkseid a motive to want to go after Seg-El’s future grandson, Kal-El.

Only time will tell. Right now, I’m more concerned with finding out whether or not we’ll even get a third season.

Zod’s tragic demise

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Seg and Lyta were able to beat Zod into submission. It took the two of them bringing down their son. However, that was one hell of a fight and they really are a battle couple in the truest sense.

But when Seg comes this close to ending Zod’s life, Lyta stops him. I found this to be so interesting because Zod is one of the only villains that Superman has ever killed in the comics and in film (besides Doomsday). I feel like it’s always Zod that knows how to get the hero to that point. Lucky for Seg, he has Lyta there to navigate his moral compass. Not that Superman was ever lacking his moral compass.

To be fair, this fight ended quite differently from Superman and Zod’s fight in Man of Steel. Killing Zod in that scenario made sense. Even if the death is a little sadder now that we know Superman might have unknowingly been killing his uncle. It really is Shakespearean, isn’t it?

But that’s not what made Zod’s ending so sad. It’s that in order to keep him alive but to keep Krypton safe, they had to use Black Mercy on his comatose body. We got to see a glimpse of Zod’s perfect fantasy and it was just having both his parents by his side be proud of him.

All Zod ever wanted was his parent’s acceptance and for them to be proud of their son. Ugh, I knew this show was going to make Zod sympathetic, but damn. I didn’t want to leave the season actually feeling sorry for the bastard.

Adam’s Jetpack

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So Adam did get paralyzed in last week’s episode, but Val gave him his iconic jetpack that will now help him walk – and fly. I’m still not entirely sure how that thing works but neither does Adam. His first attempt at flight knocked him on his drunk ass real good.

Adam should probably make a note to himself that drinking and flying might not be such a good idea. I imagine we’ll be seeing more of the jetpack in action during the show’s potential third season. I’m really looking forward to that because I expect a lot of training montages in Adam’s future and those are always hilarious.

Lobo Returns

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The main man is back! And I am so glad. He’s so good. He comes to Krypton to ask Seg for help in tracking down Brainiac. But Seg decides to make a deal with the bounty hunter. He’ll help him track down Brainiac, if Lobo helps him get back his son.

The two shake on it in a hilarious scene and now it’s official. Lobo will be on the side of angels from now on. Or at least until his little mission is completed. Still, if Lobo is continuing his story arc on Krypton, does this mean that his spin off is going to be a prequel? Because that would actually be really cool.

Brainiac is rewriting history

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We now know Brainiac’s masterplan, and I’m seriously worried. He’s taking Jor-El to earth to raise him as his son. We know that the minute the yellow sun touches Jor-El’s skin, that baby will grow to have superpowers. But here’s the thing, is Brainiac trying to bring the anti-Superman to earth?

There’s a story-line in comics where Superman landed in Soviet Russia as a baby instead of Kansas, and became a defender of the KGB instead of the United States. Ultra Man also exists in comic lore and he’s Superman’s evil counterpart from another earth. Does this mean the show will be tapping into that already established lore in order to create their own version of an “evil” Superman?

It kind of freaks me out that Kal-El’s future is still up in the air, but that just means we have a lot more story to go through before they’re able to right Krypton’s history completely.


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  • “General, would you care to step outside?” The homage to Christopher Reeve was so good!!! Oh my God, Cameron Cuffe really is the ultimate Superman fan. No one else has delivered that line in that way. Not since Christopher Reeve did it in Superman II.
  • Jayna and Dev finally gave into their UST and kissed. I am rooting for them so hard. That relationship just makes so much sense to me.
  • The toast made to Kem made me cry but not as much as Val saying that he will be forever memorialized as a member of House El and brother of Seg-El. It reminded me that Kem was rankless because he didn’t actually have a family name. That broke me. The episode just started and I was already bawling.
  • Doomsday can’t ever die. That bastard is still alive and somehow made it back to Krypton.
  • I don’t know if Nyssa landad on Thanagar or Rann. But if it’s Thanagar, then we might get introduced to Hawkwoman. And if it’s Rann conquered by Parademons, we might get introduced to another character associated with Darkseid. Either way, we’re winning.
  • The fight was not as brutal as the one on Wegthor but I don’t think it was meant to be. I’m okay with this one ending quietly after Lyta and Seg were able to defeat Zod and call off the Sagitari.
  • Lobo really has no shame. He showed up peeing every where, showed off his dick to Seg and then shook Seg’s hand with a hand he didn’t even wash after peeing. I love this guy. I’m completely disgusted but I love him.
  • Also Lobo thinks Jor-El’s name is stupid and he still calls Seg “Seagull”. He’s also decided he’s going to call Adam “Legs”. I love him. He needs to be around more next season.

What did you think of the season 2 finale for Krypton? Do you hope the show will get another season? Sound off in the comments below or find me on Twitter @LilyMiranda07 to discuss!

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