‘Krypton’ 2×09 Review: ‘Blood Moon’

Welcome to the penultimate episode! I’m sure you all feel like you’ve had your hearts ripped out after that episode. I know that’s how I feel. I can’t even come up with a good opening because my heart is so broken.

The Love Triangle

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After learning about what happened to Lyta, Seg is informed that Zod plans to attack Wegthor. However, ever since Val blew up the elevator station, there’s been no way to communicate with the Resistance. It’s up to Seg, and Nyssa, to fly up there undetected to warn them.

On their way, Nyssa and Seg have a talk. Nyssa’s been acting strange since Lyta got back and Seg calls her out on it. It’s during this conversation that Nyssa makes the big confession that Seg might be the love of her life. I think this is the beginning of Seg starting to feel torn between two loves. Right now, he believes Lyta is the love of his life. But he can’t deny he was falling for Nyssa.

I don’t expect this triangle to go away. But I will say that Nyssa makes a choice at the end of the episode that didn’t quite sit well with me. It almost felt out of character with what we’ve seen about her so far.

The Reunions we deserved

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Seg finally makes it to Wegthor for the first time and reunites with his grandfather and Kem in two of the sweetest reunions we’ve seen all season. Seg, Kem and Adam even have awkward bro hug that made me smile. The reunions are short lived, however, because Zod has sent his troops to destroy the Resistance once and for all. Lucky for them, Seg got there in time to warn them.

Zod’s Secret Weapon

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That’s literally it. That’s all that Zod sent to take out the Resistance. And it almost works. There’s a lot of carnage left in Doomsday’s wake. Some deaths are even harder to deal with. But man, there’s a whole lot of gore. Considering the fact that Doomsday is known for the destruction he causes, it’s not out of place.

I’ve never been a fan of gore but like I said before, I don’t mind it here so much. It makes sense story-wise and that’s why I can deal with it.


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A fan fave is officially gone after this episode. And I don’t think he was a clone. You can only use that card once in a series. Kem’s death was brutal. But it was also super heroic. My man died saving his people by blowing up the tunnels and trapping Doomsday inside. This gave what was left of the Resistance enough time to evacuate.

Seg and Kem’s goodbye was heartfelt though. I was really choked up. Where Lyta’s “death” was for shock value, Kem’s death really is earned. This boy grew up rankless and became a badass leader who eventually died a hero. I couldn’t be happier with his character development. And if this was going to be it for Kem, I can’t imagine a better way for him to go.

Let’s pour one out for Krypton’s favorite former bartender.

Is Adam paralyzed?

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After getting crushed in the cavern with Val, it turns out Adam can’t feel his legs. I tried to quickly do some research on the Adam’s character in the comics to see if this is the beginning of some cool superpower he’s supposed to get but I didn’t find anything. It turns out, I don’t actually know that much about Adam. I just know that I care about him a lot and I’m happy that he made it out alive.

Badass Ladies of Krypton

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Jayna Zod has always been a badass mama. But I do like seeing her more vulnerable side this season.

I’m also enjoying seeing Lyta and Nyssa kicking ass and taking names in more leadership roles.

Lyta was able to convince two Sagitari to join her alongside Jayna and Dev in this episode. She really is a great Primus. It’s almost as if she was born for this role. And if she can convince these two, then maybe she can take back her army from Zod.

And on Wegthor, it was Nyssa who led a small army of the Resistance to take back the spaceship that Doomsday arrived on. This entire fight scene was such an homage to Snyder and I loved every second of it.

What happens now?

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Collapsing the mines actually caused the entire moon to explode. There is nothing left of Wegthor anymore. The Resistance no longer has a base.Those who survived Doomsday were able to make it off Wegthor. Even Seg was able to make it off the moon before it exploded.

I will say this though. Although I completely understand Val not wanting to leave Seg, I still feel it should have been Nyssa that wanted to go back and look for him. She’d just told him that he might be the love of her life earlier that day. I would’ve expected to see her realize that he had not come to the ship with the others and try to go find him.

I think it should have been Val to hold her back, not the other way around.

But that’s just a small detail I had an issue with in terms of storytelling and development for Nyssa’s feelings.

This episode still did a tremendous job setting up the finale. I’m almost afraid to see if there are anymore casualties. I’ll be surprised if there isn’t.


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  • Nyssa’s confession. Despite my feelings about her at the end of the episode, this moment was completely earned and so well done. I loved it.
  • Seg reuniting with his grandfather and best friend. ALL THE FEELS!
  • Kem’s goodbye was beautifully written. He told his best friend everything he needed to say and then left him with one final ‘I love you’. I am crying all over again.
  • I can’t help but wonder where Jax-Ur is. She left Wegthor, right? I doubt she just died off camera when the moon blew up.
  • Wegthor’s destruction is a total foreshadow of Krypton’s future.
  • As far as villains go, will we see Brainiac and Lobo again this season?
  • Dev has a confession of his own. It turns out he was romantically involved with Lyta’s clone while she was imprisoned by Black Mercy. Talk about awkward!!
  • Jayna and Lyta’s bond is so pure. I’m glad those two are together again.
  • Is Lyta’s fever a foreshadow that she may not be completely out of the woods yet?

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