‘Krypton’ 2×08 Review: ‘Black Mercy’

Well, THAT happened.

On some level, I guess we shouldn’t be that surprised with this week’s big reveal. But I can’t lie. I did gasp when I realized what Zod had done. Now I don’t know if to thank him or continue calling him the villainous bastard that he is. Either way, I am grateful because one of my favorite characters is officially back and that makes me super happy.

Black Mercy

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This is not a new concept for most Superman fans. We’ve all been exposed to Black Mercy at some point and know exactly what it does. When this episode title was released, a lot of viewers probably expected that it would be Seg that would be caught up in it.

Turns out, it was Lyta. But how, you ask?

Apparently, Lyta was never on board with Zod’s plan and she actually tried to fight him months ago. When the villain realized he couldn’t get his mother to cooperate, he imprisoned her in a world of complete fantasy and had a clone standing by his side all along.

Lyta had been stuck inside her own head, living in a world where her and Seg were able to be bound and he was no longer rankless.

But then Zod’s plan to weaponize Doomsday took precedence because he started extracting some of the Black Mercy toxins from Lyta’s comatose body. This caused her entire dream world to begin collapsing, making her realize it wasn’t real.

The thing about Black Mercy is that it’s host has to reject their perfect life in order to escape it. That’s harder than it sounds. But Lyta was able to do it. And now our girl is back. But what does that mean for everyone else that watched her die?

Breaking into Fort Rozz

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I loved this Easter Egg. If you watch Supergirl, you know that Fort Rozz was a prison where the worst of the worst was kept on Krypton. It seems like this show is making it Zod’s fortress from where he’s maneuvering all his military plans.

Regardless, it was really cool to watch Seg and the gang (Nyssa, Jayna and Dev) break into this place to stop Zod from literally blowing up Wegthor.

It’s also where they found Lyta. So it’s a really good thing that they attempted their own version of mission impossible, right?

More Easter Eggs

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As if Black Mercy and Fort Rozz weren’t enough cool Easter Eggs for Superman fans to catch, there was another one that you probably missed.

In the beginning of the episode, Seg is desperately searching for Brainiac’s ship across the multiple galaxies to find his son. He references one sector in particular: Space Sector 2813.

I missed it at first but then I realized what that meant.

The Green Lantern Corp!

Does this mean we’ll ever see a Green Lantern appear on the show? That’s up in the air but it’s nice knowing that the show has acknowledged their existence for now.

The Love Triangle Just Got Real

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The show has been hinting at this since the start. We know Seg and Lyta love each other. But we also can’t deny that Nyssa and Seg have been falling for each other.

Now that we know Nyssa is Jor-El’s mother, we assumed that would mean that her and Seg would end up together. Especially with Lyta dead. But Lyta is actually very much alive and reunited with Seg. What does that mean for Nyssa?

The truth is that we don’t really know. Just because Nyssa is Jor-El’s mother doesn’t automatically mean that Jor-El’s parents were actually together. We’ll need a few more seasons to explore this entire situation and I hope we get that chance to see it unfold.

Will Zod weaponize Doomsday?

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Here’s my theory on this: Doomsday killing Superman in the future is actually Zod’s revenge.

I know that theory is way out there but hear me out.

Zod is currently using Black Mercy to make Doomsday susceptible to his commands. Seg and Lyta might be his parents but in Zod’s eyes, they’ve betrayed him. We just found out that Cor-Vex is actually Jor-El. And we know that he will have Seg’s favor since he grows up with the El name.

What if all of Zod’s motivation comes from jealousy? What if that’s the reason he hated Jor-El and eventually hated Kal-El?

Wouldn’t that bring everything full circle?

Here’s the thing though: Zod is from the future so shouldn’t he know all of this already? But we don’t actually know which future Zod is from. It could be the future that doesn’t know of Kal-El’s existence quite yet because Krypton has just blown up or is about to be destroyed. We know that his sole purpose for coming back to the past was to prevent Krypton from exploding in the first place. Adam’s purpose for coming back was to make sure that it did so Kal-El can be sent to Earth.

Time travel is super tricky but I wouldn’t be surprised if the show somehow tied everything together to make it all about Zod getting revenge on the family that abandoned him.


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  • Lyta is alive!
  • All the Easter Eggs in this episode had the Superman fan in me really happy.
  • That tie in to the premiere where Seg watched Zod choking Lyta finally made sense and it s
  • Zod’s plan is finally revealed, now all we need are his motivations. It can’t just be about making sure Krypton doesn’t explode.
  • The Nyssa/Seg/Lyta love triangle. I don’t usually like triangles but both women are equal in my eyes and I can see why Seg would love them both.
  • Team Delta Space Force teaming up was so much fun. I love their dynamics. I can’t believe there was a time when none of them were actually friends.
  • How sweet was Lyta’s fantasy under Black Mercy? Could you have given it all up?
  • Those two reunions with Lyta were definitely tearjerkers, weren’t they?
  • I won’t forget Seg’s face when he saw Lyta for the first time after he thought she was dead. I won’t forget Nyssa’s sadness either. Suddenly, the ship I’m rooting for isn’t as obvious as it once was. I love them both!

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10PM on Syfy. Here’s the promo for next week’s episode to get you pumped:

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