Excitement Overload! The Season 2 Trailer for ‘The Bold Type’ Is Finally Here!

Sometimes friends are a pain in the ass, sometimes they are a God send. Sometimes you are like don’t judge me for the jade egg I stuck up my vagina and can’t get out. Now for the record, I didn’t do that shit – but we’ve seen on The Bold Type that Jane did and her friends went on retrieval mode. Lord, I love my friends, but anyone of them sticks their hands down there – we’ve got to talk.

Also that’s what I have health insurance for.

The point being if there is anything that The Bold Type has taught us – is that there are different levels of friendship and you should consider yourself really fucking lucking if you have a friend like Jane, Kat, and Sutton. You’re going to make your mistakes, sleep with the wrong people and sometimes the right people (though I maintain that the vagina wants what it wants and if you’re consenting – its all good), and you’re going to need to talk in a bathtub in New York City sometimes.

For a second I need to concentrate on this bathtub thing. I want to know what one has to do to be able to afford a place with a bathtub in New York. My friends are willing to sell their soul for a Timeless renewal, but I am willing to sell my soul for the ability to use one of my bath bombs. They are sad under my bed, calling out to me – USE ME. I mean there are also other perks to a bath, but someone should have taught you that shit in sex ed – don’t come talking to us for that. But alas, I only have a shower.

Ok – back to the regularly scheduled program.

The truth is that the first season of The Bold Type gave us all big dreams. It was like yes, here’s New York. Here’s publishing. But the best thing about any life is the people that you live it with. Friendships aren’t a mistake (unless your friend is a raging psycho who sleeps with your boyfriend. I’m looking at you – not you per say, but she knows who she is if she’s reading this). You live, you learn, and hopefully – you grow.

The season two trailer for The Bold Type was released and we’re over here – well at least I am – fangirling and crying. It may be the Percocet I took this morning for my intense pain, or it may be that I have missed this show so much that I just am so happy it’s right around the corner. I am fully aware that Jane, Sutton, and Kat are fictional characters, but they are my friends on the weekly and if it’s healthy for a kid to have fictional friends – I am an eternal kid. So whatever.

Watch the trailer below as the girls spit some truths and make us want some licorice.

Side note – be a good friend. Always tell a friend when they are in need of a wax. Hair is cute only on the top of your head.

The Bold Type returns to Freeform this June. Don’t ask me the date – as mentioned above – I just took a Percocet.

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