‘The Bold Type’ Is Over And It Will Always Remain A Part Of Me

The Bold Type has ended and I am not ever going to be over it. Sometimes things need to end though, so we can grow and the characters growth can be seen.

‘The Bold Type’ 5×05 Review: “Don’t Turn Away”

Don’t mind us, we’re just over here being emotional about #TheBoldType ending and loosing our weekly date with our BFF’s – Jane, Kat, and Sutton.

ATX TV Festival Season 10 Top Moments: Day 9

Highlights of day 9 at ATX TV Festival were The Bold Type, White Lotus, Speech & Debate, Blindspotting and The Big Leap. We review top moments

‘The Bold Type’ 5×04 Review: “Day Trippers”

Jane, Sutton, and Kat are realizing who they are, what they can do, and the sheer power of being themselves.

‘The Bold Type’ 5×03: “Rolling Into The Future”

We’ve got 3 more episodes of #TheBoldType left and we’re hoping that Jane, Sutton, and Kat continue to keep growing into who they are meant to be.

‘The Bold Type’ 5×03 Photos: “Rolling Into The Future”

There is a lot happening with #TheBoldType and we’re not sure what’s going to be happening with our besties, but we’re here for it.

‘The Bold Type’ 5×02 Review: “The Crossover”

This episode of #TheBoldType sets up the final season, gives us our first goodbye, and embraces Janes strength.

‘The Bold Type’ Photos: “The Crossover”

We’re on the second episode of the final season of #TheBoldType! See the photos for tonights episode to prepare yourself.

‘The Bold Type’ Star Katie Stevens Talks About Her Past Cancer Scare In 2019

While doing promo for #TheBoldType #KatieStevens talked about her own cancer scare.

‘The Bold Type’ Review: “Trust Fall”

Everyone makes mistakes, but what matters is we learn from them. Kat, Jane and Sutton are making all kinds of mistakes…

‘The Bold Type’ Photos: “Trust Fall”

#TheBoldType is returning and the bond between Sutton, Jane, and Kat seems stronger than ever. See the photos from the final seasons premiere episode.

See The Cast Photos For The Final Season Of ‘The Bold Type’

This week starts the beginning of the end for #TheBoldType and we’re not ready. See the cast photos for the final season.

See The Trailer For The Final Season Of ‘The Bold Type’

All good things come to an end, but they never truly end if they stay with you forever. And #TheBoldType definitely will stay with us.

See A Promo For The Final Season Of ‘The Bold Type’

We’re not ready to say goodbye, but we know they end of #TheBoldType is coming. See a promo that hit us right in the feels.

‘The Bold Type’ Has Wrapped On Its Series Finale

Endings can be bittersweet. We know that filming on the series finale of The Bold Type has wrapped and well, we’re fucking emotional.

We Know When The Final Season Of ‘The Bold Type’ Will Premiere

We’re not ready to say goodbye to #TheBoldType, but we do know when the final season begins. We have time to emotionally prepare.

Aisha Dee criticizes lack of representation, Kat’s confusing romance in season 4 of ‘The Bold Type’

One of The Bold Type’s stars has some harsh but honest words about the series, particularly the lack of representation and some confusing storylines.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×16 Review: “Not Far From The Tree”

Let’s discuss the season finale of The Bold Type, which had our trio dealing with some important moments and decisions in their lives.

‘The Bold Type’ Season Finale Photos: “Not Far From The Tree”

Prepare yourself for tonights season finale of The Bold Type with pictures for the episode.

‘The Bold Type’ 4×15 Review: “Love”

Love is messy. I don’t care what kind of love we’re talking her. It’s all messy. And yet, that’s what makes it great. There isn’t one right way. Which means it’s open to interpretation. Which also means you’re allowed to…

‘The Bold Type’ 4×14 Review: “The Truth Will Set You Free”

Let’s discuss this week’s episode of The Bold Type, which had our core trio dealing with some important truths that they let come to light.