You know that we get excited over knowing how to plan our lives. It’s an important thing for us. Because there is only so much TV and so little time. One of those shows that we make all the time in the world for is The Bold Type. Our favoriteRead More →


We’re staring down a season finale with more questions than answers, especially after this penultimate episode. What’s next for Jane and Ryan? Is Kat willing to risk her job for what’s right? Is Sutton actually going to move to San Francisco — especially with her dream job right in front of her?Read More →

The Bold Type always manages to deliver great hours of television. Its mix of humor, seriousness, and its focus on the beautiful friendship and individuality of its characters is something so wonderful. But what’s also so incredible about this show is how it’s able to address important topics in our world. Topics that aren’t necessarily talked about enough.Read More →

I’ve never been one for running. Running away from someone chasing me or just running in the gym. But, luckily, marathons don’t always involve running, as evidenced by The Bold Type‘s latest episode. Sutton said it best in this episode: “Life’s a marathon.” A marathon is a journey, something weRead More →

There’s something freeing about embracing the future. Opening your mind to new possibilities, regardless of how scary and unknown they might be. But it’s also important to honor the past, which without it we wouldn’t have a future to look forward to. That’s what The Bold Type reminded us inRead More →

Hello and welcome to the penultimate episode of the Bold Type’s third season. Quite a few things happened this episode, so let’s break it down to the highlights! JANE:  Jane and Jacqueline interviewed Pamela Dolin, who refuses to comment on any of the allegations, leaving their office strangely unfazed byRead More →

Welcome back to Scarlet! This episode of the Bold Type was packed with drama for our three favorite ladies. With exes returning, boyfriends going on tour and a new seminar, the Bold Type has been a mess of emotion and tensions are running high in the offices of Scarlet magazine.Read More →

All’s fair in love and war, they say. Well, this episode is all about how not fair love can be, and all about the work it takes in making relationships work, once the honeymoon phase is over and real life kicks in. There’s some serious character growth in this episodeRead More →

(We’re a little behind due to some technical difficulties on my end! All my apologies, and let’s dive in!) We’re back at Scarlet in this episode, folks, with the leaking of all the Scarlet emails to the public. When an article comes out about Jacqueline “sort of enjoying” watching oneRead More →

The ladies of The Bold Type are back, bold and beautiful as ever! I believe this is one of my favorite episodes of season three so far, as it feels like season is starting to pick up speed, and we’re beginning to see how the next couple of episodes willRead More →

Over the course of the last two seasons, Freeform’s The Bold Type has established itself as a glamorous feel-good television show, centered around the lives of three millennial women. The workplace dramedy, set mostly in the offices of the women’s magazine Scarlet, explores issues of sex, cancer, contraception, gun control,Read More →