‘Krypton’ 1×06 Review: Now is The Winter of Our Discontent

Every week, I look for a Shakespeare quote to title these reviews. The show is going heavy on the comparisons, so who am I to go against what they want? Some quotes I know, because what, I like Shakespeare, and some others I’ve discovered thanks to these reviews and for that, if nothing else, I’m really glad I decided to review Krypton this season.

What? You though I had something good to say? It’s like you don’t even know me.

In general, chances are if a show doesn’t pull you in during the first three episodes, it never will. I know this is a mindboggling concept for some, but we don’t all have to like the same things, we don’t all have to agree on the same things and I’m not a comic-hating heathen just because I don’t like this show.

And I don’t like this show.

I can’t say I hate it, though. Hate is a really powerful emotion, and my problem with Krypton has always been that it leaves me sort of empty. Feeling nothing. Not even when they’re, arguably, presenting the most interesting plot development of the season.

General Zod.

Okay, I’m gonna admit it, the shock and general excitement about what this could mean almost made me sorta eager to watch this episode, a miracle in and off itself. And the general time-travel questions the episode kicked around: saving Kandor City and what that’ll mean not just for Seg-El, but for the future as Adam Strange knows it, are very, very interesting.

It all means, after all, that Earth could end up without Superman.

But, if Krypton has done one thing, and boy, does it continues in that trend in this episode, is make the House Zod so much more interesting, so much more engaging and so much more easy to root for than the House El.

Somehow I don’t think that was their intention.

Even that, though, for me, is just not enough. Vague amusement and sorta tepid attachment are all I can muster. I find House Zod more interesting on paper, but I care about as much for them as I care about House El and pretty much every other house. I like the nods to comic canon, but since I’ve always been very chill about my canon (OMG I’ AM A HEATHEN) I can take them as just fun nods and move on.

Nothing clicks, and six episodes in, I doubt it’s going to click. This is just the way it is. A show that, on paper, has some very interesting notions and some very interesting dynamics they could still explore, and one that hard-core fans of the Superman lore and/or hardcore DC enthusiasts will probably enjoy. Me? I’m a big comic fan, but I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore anything except, oh, wait, yes, a hardcore fan of good television.

Sorry, but no, this doesn’t qualify.

Other things to note:

  • The conversation between Jayna and Dev almost made me – I don’t know, feel things? It’s a very strange sensation coming from this show. I barely recognize it.
  • Dev is quickly becoming one of my favorites when did this happen and how do I make it stop?
  • “You’re asking me to sacrifice all for an idea.” He says, as if that’s such an uncommon thing.
  • Best moment of the episode is Dru Zod looking back at his mother and Seg and being like OH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHH I GET IT NOW. Dang it.
  • Wait, that’s not supposed to be a yay, is it?
  • Also, this cliffhanger is probably as exciting as it gets for me because my love Dev is in sorta danger and he’s now at the top of my People I sorta Perhaps care about list.

Krypton airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on SyFy.

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