‘The Originals’ 5×07 Review: “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water”

The Originals “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water” was a continuous punch in the feels as Hayley’s family mourn her passing and try to figure out how they’re going to make it past the next second, minute, or hour without her there to help shoulder the pain, danger, and terror they experience on a daily basis to keep “always and forever” alive and well.

Let’s dive into The Originals “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water”!

For His Child & Her Mother


“God’s Gonna Trouble the Water” saw Klaus Mikaelson doing something he should’ve done a while ago: getting his head out of his ass. He’s seen the light, he’s seen the truth, he’s seen what he has to do, and there’s no time for take backsies. This is his life, this is his family, this his daughter. And it’s time to step up or ship out. Klaus has chosen.

Yes, Klaus and his journey to stepping it up this episode started out kind of stupid and like the old Klaus we know, hate, and love in equal measure. He shouldn’t have bitten Antoinette and he shouldn’t have stirred the pot and all the tensions in New Orleans, especially right before the funeral of Hayley Marshall aka Badass Extraordinaire. No ifs, ands, or butts can fix the mistake that he made in this clusterfuck of his own creation.

But he still got his head out of his ass. With the help of Ivy the witch he was able to understand the distance between his daughter, the part he played in it, and what he must do now to protect his child and those he loves. There’s no running away now as Hope has a finite number of people that would go to bat for her and a mother that they’re just burying. For Hope, for Hayley, Klaus is going to work on getting his house in order so he can stop running.

His daughter needs him. His family needs him. And he’s ready to protect them with everything, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING, that he’s got.

Freya Shouldering All the Pain


Someone I couldn’t take my eyes off of in this episode was Freya. She’s keeping this family together. No, she might not be out on the streets fighting or kicking ass like many would deem how you keep a family together. But she’s always there. She’s shouldering the pain that Hope is feeling at losing her mother. She’s a friend to come to when Vincent needs advice. And she is always present when needed by her brother Klaus.

Freya does what she must for her family with no expectations at all for something in return besides the safety of her family. And that pains the hell out of me and makes me so glad that A) Keelin is back and B) that Hope wants to do this (breaking the spell or saving the city) together with her aunt. There’s no breaking up or trying to figure this out alone to save their family. They’re doing this together and I’m proud.

Huge side-note for Hope. Freya stayed for her family, but in particular for Hope since her mother was missing. She stood by Hope during her mother’s funeral through the streets of New Orleans, at the house, and later on when they gave her a werewolf funeral. She’s always been there for her niece. And I’m so ready for Hope to bear some of the burden of ‘always and forever’ with her aunt. It will make for a stronger Hope, a stronger Freya, and a stronger family.

Elijah’s Memories Being a Pain


The Originals never does anything simple. I don’t know why I expected the return of Elijah’s memories to be anything else but complicated. He’s rejecting the return of his memories and it’s kind of fucking perfect. The man that Elijah was in contrast to the man he is now are two vastly different men. This isn’t even a “two sides of the same coin” kind of comparison. They are two men fighting over the same body and post memory wipe Elijah seems to be winning.

In the grand scheme of things…I don’t want Elijah to get his memories back. I know, I know. Don’t throw vegetables at me from the stands. Elijah has suffered greatly, maybe more so than any of the other Originals. And with Hayley dead…I don’t want him to remember what happened between them before his memories were erased and then when he did nothing when she died. It’s going to kill him. That’s why I think his body rebelled against Vincent and Marcels work.

Elijah’s mind was fighting to protect itself and I can’t blame him or wish for him to get his memories back if it causes him so much pain. I know it’s hard to hear…but he’s happy now. It’s not perfect, he’s got an old family that needs him back, and he’s in the deep of it with Antoinette. But he’s much happier than he was before and I love the man he’s become now. I don’t want that man to disappear when I’ve just made peace with the man that Elijah used to be.

Favorite Scene from “God’s Gonna Trouble the Water”:

When she saw her *sob* and then ran into Keelin’s arms *sob* and then they kissed *sobbbbbbbinnnng*


Check out the trailer for next week’s episode titled “The Kindness of Strangers”:

The Originals airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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