Marie Avgeropoulos Talks About The Ending Of ‘The 100’

We’re excited for the return of The 100. We’re sad for it’s ending. But you know when a show has touched you, been a part of your life, and put you through ups and downs – it’s acceptable to be going through all of the emotions.

With it ending, of course the cast is going to talk about it and in a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Marie Avgeropoulos, who plays Octavia on The CW show, talked about it ending.

“It’s bittersweet,” she said. “It’s like when you graduate high school or graduate college or something that you really loved, but you’re okay with saying goodbye to. It’s given me a ton of opportunities. I’m incredibly grateful. It’s changed my life. There’s no doubt about that.”

We totally get that. It is bittersweet and as much as we love it, we are okay with the goodbye.

“I’ve become very attached to Octavia and I’ve become very attached to the actors that I have worked with for seven years. It’s going to suck to say goodbye. There’s definitely going to be tears, but it’s time to move on for sure. But that doesn’t take away the gratefulness. We’ve all grown together as people and actors and it’s going to definitely be a challenging day to say goodbye.”

The 100 is currently filming its final season in Vancouver. It will return to The CW midseason.

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