What We Love About ‘New Amsterdam’ S2 So Far

In the premiere, the writers caught us up and set the stage for the rest of the season. The second episode, “The Big Picture”, brought us into the present and back to what makes New Amsterdam so good. We’re starting to see how Max is dealing (or not dealing) with Georgia’s death. Is anyone else worried about Max’s Georgia hallucinations? Did the cancer move to his brain? We might be overthinking things but what do they expect with such juicy things going down for our fav characters? Which, is the reason we’re here. There are so many things to love about these characters but here are a few reasons why! 



Other than the hallucinations of Georgia, Max has had in the first two episodes, he seems to be doing well after her death. He is back to changing the status quo in the medicine world and making things better because patients come first. We would like to see more Sharpwin moments because we ship Max and Helen so hard. We are loving the way Max takes problems that are really facing the healthcare world and finds creative solutions for them. 



Dr. Helen Sharpe is, honestly, our favorite character in New Amsterdam. She cares for her patients on such a deep level that we admire her. Helen has to remain so strong for them as some of them grow weaker each day. She is definitely butting heads with the new co-chair of her department and we are convinced Dr. Valentina Castro won’t be around for very long. Valentina is very clearly putting her own priorities above those of her patients. 



Dr. Floyd Reynolds is dealing (really well) with his long-distance engagement to Evie and this couple grows on us each week. Reynolds has also taken a student under his wing who has a lot to learn. Young Michael Duke (Ian Duff) definitely has the skills to be a great surgeon but he also has the undeserved arrogance. We are excited to see where their dynamic goes throughout the season. 



Dr. Iggy Frome is still saving his patients with his amazing skills but he is also risking a lot in his marriage. In the premiere, he touched on adopting another child but now he’s ready to fill out the application without his husband’s blessing. We don’t like the hurt that his decision is going to cause but we are here for the drama that will unfold. 



Ok, Dr. Vijay Kapoor’s story is definitely one of our favorites so far in season two. His son left after lying to Vijay and it was because Ella is pregnant. Vijay is so excited and we are thrilled for him! Ella is not sure she’s going to keep the baby, though. We are really looking forward to this storyline and the choices that are going to be made. 



We are all here for Dr. Lauren Bloom and her messy relationship with physical therapy. The writers brought to light the dangers of ADHD drug addictions through Lauren last season and because of her addictive personality, she can’t have pain killers for her leg injury from the crash. She is struggling and we feel for her every week. What does help her pain is hot sex with her physical therapist who no one really likes in the entire hospital (it seems). Where is her story going? We aren’t sure but we are so ready to find out!

New Amsterdam airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.


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